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» Report: US, UK Knew About ISIS Takeover Months In Advance
Arutz Sheva — Lead Story
Kurdish authorities tell news outlet that they passed along intelligence about the ISIS plans months ago to US, UK - who then did nothing.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant's (ISIS) takeover of Iraq earlier this month took the world by storm, as the successive fall of several major cities in the Sunni-dominated northwest left Iraqis fleeing and world leaders shaken.

But what if the blitz military conquest could have been prevented altogether?

Kurdish intelligence reported news of a strategic alliance and pact between Islamist groups to topple Mosul and other major Iraqi cities with ISIS's help as far back as January, the Telegraph reported late Sunday. [Continue Reading...]

» ‘Creating A Danger Zone For All Americans’: Judge Jeanine Slams Obama’s ‘Feckless Foreign Policy’
Fox News Insider, Justice With Judge Jeanine —
I've told you that you need to be afraid because they are coming for you. The ISIS assault, the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, signals the beginning of the reverse crusade. They are coming for us. To them, we are the infidels. But I for one am not willing to let one more American die or come home with fewer limbs from that part of the world. Americans have shed enough blood there. My resolution? Air strikes. Bomb them, keep bombing them, bomb them...

» IRS CANCELLED Contract With Email-Storage Firm Weeks After Lerner’s Computer Crash
The Daily Caller —
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cancelled its longtime relationship with an email-storage contractor just weeks after ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer crashed and shortly before other IRS officials’ computers allegedly crashed. The IRS signed a contract with Sonasoft, an email-archiving company based in San Jose, California, each year from 2005 to 2010. The company, which partners with Microsoft and counts The New York Times among its clients...

» Kerry: Removal Of Saddam, Gaddafi Not To Blame For Crises In Iraq, Libya
CNS News —
Secretary of State John Kerry pushed back Sunday at the notion that U.S. intervention to remove dictators in Iraq and Libya stoked terrorism and sectarianism, and is consequently to blame for the current crises in those countries. While briefing media in Cairo after talks with Egypt’s new leadership, Kerry was told that many people were accusing the U.S. of responsibility for “the disastrous situation in Iraq and Libya,” because of...

» The ‘Order Out Of Chaos’ Globalists
Bradlee Dean, The Sons of Liberty —
Over the last couple weeks I have been glued to the true story “The Lone Survivor,” where four of America’s finest Navy SEALs of “Operation Red Wings” were sent to do some reconnaissance concerning terrorists in Afghanistan. Right from the start it seemed very clear that the special op was cursed. All the way from herdsman coming directly into their particular position where they were discovered (they could not terminate the...

» SMOKING GUN: Obama Administration HIRED Parties To Bring Illegal Children Into US
Instigator News Network —
The Obama administration has fallen under suspicion of having orchestrated an humanitarian crisis of tens of thousands of illegal alien children from Mexico and Central America entering the United States. Weeks ago, reports of the border enforcement officials in border states being overwhelmed and being compelled to “dump” illegal children in facilities in other states began to make the news. Overcrowding of facilities and the incapacity of federal authorities...

» Pluralism Is The Enemy: ‘Jesus Is The Only Way’ Will Be Deemed Hate Speech, Says Pastor
The Christian Post —
Pluralism, not gender and sexuality, will be the biggest issue that every evangelical Christian will face, according to one Presbyterian pastor. Bryan Chapell warned that increasingly "it will be difficult to say in this culture that 'Jesus is the only way.'" "That will be interpreted as hate speech," Chapell, senior pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois, said Wednesday at the 42nd PCA General Assembly in Houston...

» Major U.S. City Next Target For Islamic Terror
World Net Daily —
Beyond Iraq, what is the intent of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria? There appears to be short- and long-term goals, with a hint of those intentions in the name ISIS has chosen for itself. Its real name is the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, meaning Greater Syria. ISIS, morphing from the Islamic State of Iraq before it was excommunicated from al-Qaida central in Pakistan last year for its extreme Wahhabi brutality, appears to have intentions of re-creating...

» Obama Wants Iraq To Fall Under ISIS Sunni Control!
Gabor Zolna —
If Iraq falls, oil will reach above $200.00 per barrel, that will drive the price go a gallon of gas over $12.00 per gallon, if not more. Food will skyrocket, as will heating oil for Eastern American's. The Middle-Class will be totally destroyed, as will most Americans. About Gabe: The majority of my posted video's, are to try and highlight what is really going on with our criminal, and dysfunctional Administration. I have found that far too many American's are...

» Iraq — Remind Me Again Why America Destroyed That Poor Country?
Western Journalism —
I take no pleasure in writing this. I can’t imagine how my fellow Americans who lost loved ones fighting and dying in Iraq, or Iraqi civilians who suffered the same, are feeling at the news coming out of that country at the moment. We were told “mission accomplished.” We were told we were “bringing Democracy to the Middle East.” We were told that we brought the war in Iraq “to a responsible end.” This doesn’t look our mission was accomplished to me...

» Rand Paul: U.S. Created “Jihadist Wonderland” In Syria
Prison Planet —
Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul moved away from Marco Rubio and the neocons on Sunday when he told CNN the U.S. fashioned a “jihadist wonderland” in Syria that has empowered ISIS. “We went into Libya and we got rid of that terrible Qaddafi, now it’s a jihadist wonderland over there,” Paul said. “There’s jihadists everywhere. If we were to get rid of Assad it would be a jihadist wonderland in Syria. It’s now a jihadist wonderland in Iraq...

» The Presbyterians And Anti-Christ
Israel Today —
The Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) continues its spiritual and social war against the people of Israel.. The General Assembly suggests that its new hymnal replace "the unfortunate heading: 'God's covenant with Israel'" with "God's Covenant with Ancient Israel," or even with "Our Covenant with the Oppressed." ..Let no one be fooled. The motion to erase Israel from the Presbyterian vocabulary is a motion to erase Israel, and boycotting...

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