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This Is About The War On Religious Rights
...This Is Not A War On Women
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Justin Koski, Western Journalism — Megyn Kelly responded to the Hobby Lobby freakout by liberal woman’s activist Sandra Fluke, by saying this is not a “war on women” as Fluke says it is. “This is about the attempted war on the religious right.”

Fluke is intentionally publicizing false facts about the result of the Hobby Lobby decision to cause a stir. She forgets to mention that this is a decision upheld by a democratic order that was introduced into Congress by Bill Clinton, that states that due to religious beliefs, companies do not have to abide by all of Obamacare’s mandates.

Hobby Lobby in this instance still is providing 16 of the 20 types of birth control to its employees; it is just refusing to pay for 4 types of abortion pills that terminate an already fertilized egg.

As always, be sure you hear all the information and not just what the liberal pundits want you to know. Stay informed.

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