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Americans Perish In Malaysia Airlines Attack;
Obama Campaigns,
Cracks Jokes With Crowd In Delaware

Lead Story by Greg Campbell, Tea Party News Network (TPNN) —
As reports flood in about the recent attack on a Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down over Ukraine, Americans look for answers and await information concerning the murder of 295 people on board, including 23 Americans.

Meanwhile, President Obama has carefully dodged the topic in order to campaign for increased infrastructure spending in Delaware.

The Ukraine interior ministry claims that the plane, a Boeing 777, was shot down by a Buk surface-to-air missile and the Pentagon has revealed that they believe that the plane, Flight MH17, was shot down by Russian separatists in the region. Reportedly, Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a brief call regarding the crash.

The situation could have longstanding consequences as Russia has continued to assert dominance in Ukraine, despite meager whimpers of protest emanating from the Obama Administration.

With 23 Americans having been on board, it seems clear that the United States will have a vested interest in learning who was responsible for the unprovoked attack. A similar situation occurred in 1915 when the RMS Lusitania was sunk by either a German U-Boat or a mine. On board the British ship were 159 Americans of which 124 died.

The incident rapidly turned international sentiment against the Germans and aided in the ultimate decision for the United States to enter the war against Germany.

While the world tuned-in to learn about the attack on MH17 in the aftermath of the attack, President Obama casually dined at The Charcoal Pit in Wilmington, Delaware, ordering a cheeseburger and fist-bumping patrons in a jovial fashion.

Soon after, Obama spoke to a crowd at Wilmington about the attack for a total of 38 seconds before switching to an upbeat tempo and campaigning. Speaking to the crowd, Obama remarked that “the world is watching reports” of the crash and “it looks like it may be a terrible tragedy. Right now we are working to determine whether there were American citizens on board. That is our first priority.”

After glossing-over the tragedy that reportedly took the lives of 23 Americans, Obama shifted his tempo to “hoot-and-holler” mode and began with his all-too-typical, faux-folksy charm by telling the crowd, “It is great to be in the state that gave us Joe Biden!”

With the blasting of MH17 from the sky by what Ukraine claims to be Russian separatists, it’s clear that Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement mixed with voice-cracking threats of sanctions is not cutting it.

In fact, just last month, Obama proudly proclaimed that with Russia on the warpath, with the U.S.-funded Hamas terrorist organization threatening annihilation of Israel and ISIS dominating Iraq, “The world is less violent than it has ever been.”

What this administration will do in the face of this outrage remains to be seen, but it’s clear that this might be a dramatic ratcheting of Russian-American tensions.

Obama Addresses Malaysian Plane Crash
Says plane crash “looks like it may be a terrible tragedy”

» Mind Blowing: Obama Just Spit In The Face Of Americans For The Sake Of These Illegal Aliens
Western Journalism —
Some of the unaccompanied illegal immigrant “children” could be coming to a town near you, but you won’t know until after they get there. The White House is not informing governors or members of Congress when or where they are placing these children because they think their privacy “rights” are more important than your right to know where your tax dollars are going to. First off, this feel a little bit like “nanny nanny boo boo”; and second, since when do illegal immigrants get rights that trump those of legal citizens?...

» Israel Prepares For ‘Significant Expansion’ Of Gaza Ground Offensive
Newsmax —
Israeli troops pushed deeper into Gaza on Friday to destroy rocket launching sites and tunnels, firing volleys of tank shells and clashing with Palestinian fighters in a high-stakes ground offensive meant to weaken the enclave's Hamas rulers. Israel launched the operation late Thursday, following a 10-day campaign of more than 2,000 air strikes against Gaza that had failed to halt relentless Hamas rocket fire on Israeli cities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had ordered the military to prepare for a "significant expansion" of the ground offensive. "It is not possible to deal with tunnels only from the air. It needs to be done also from the ground," he said before a special Cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv...

» Boehner: House Has No Plans To Defund Acts By Obama That Are Unconstitutional
CNS News —
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated today that if President Barack Obama takes actions that exceed his constitutional authority, the House of Representatives has no plans to use its own constitutional authority to withhold funding from those actions. At his weekly press briefing, asked Boehner: “You’ve said you disagree with calls to impeach the president over abuse of power via executive actions. But under the Constitution the House actually has the power of the purse. So, if the President takes actions that exceed his Constitutional authority, will you withhold funding for those actions in the next must-pass appropriations bill?...

» What Investigation? Department Of Justice: We Heard About IRS Missing Emails ON THE NEWS!
The Daily Caller —
James Cole, deputy attorney general in the Department of Justice, testified Thursday that the DOJ heard about the destruction of IRS officials’ emails in the news, even though DOJ has formally been investigating the IRS for more than a year. “I think we learned about it after that, from press accounts,” Cole told House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan at a hearing Thursday on the DOJ’s response to the wave of computer crashes at the IRS that wiped out seven different employees’ hard drives. DOJ has allegedly been conducting a widely-mocked investigation into the IRS conservative targeting scandal for more than a year..

» U.N. Accuses Islamic State of Executions, Rape, Child Abuse in Iraq
The Washington Free Beacon —
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The United Nations accused Islamic State fighters in Iraq of executing religious and other leaders as well as teachers and health workers, forcibly recruiting children and raping women among acts that amounted to war crimes. A UN report focused on a range of violations committed against civilians, particularly by the Islamic State, though it also said Iraqi forces and allied fighters had not taken precautions to protect civilians from violence. “(This)…may also amount to war crimes,” the report found...

» Deadliest, Rarest Form Of Plague Contracted Near Denver
Bloomberg —
A rare airborne form of the plague that can spread through coughing and sneezing has infected a Colorado man, and state health officials are searching for other possible cases. The man, who hasn’t been identified, is infected with Pneumonic Plague, an inhaled form of the disease, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said July 9 in a statement. It’s the first case of Pneumonic Plague seen in the state since 2004, said Jennifer House, a spokeswoman for the department. The man may have been exposed in Adams County near Denver, the department said. Plague, which can be fatal if left untreated, spreads most often through flea bites and continues to spread in parts of Africa, Asia and South America...

» First Case Of Chikungunya Virus Contracted In U.S.
CBS News —
U.S. health officials today announced the first locally acquired case of Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus that's become prevalent in the Caribbean in recent months. The CDC reports a male patient in Florida was diagnosed with the virus, and had not recently traveled outside the country. Federal and Florida state health officials are investigating how the man could have contracted the virus domestically.. Symptoms of chikungunya include fever, muscle and joint pain, headaches and rash. Though rarely fatal, the virus can be extremely painful and debilitating. Currently, there is no vaccine for chikungunya. Patients typically recover from infection in about a week, though pain can persist for longer...

» The UN Plot To Confiscate American Guns
Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show —
The evidence is mounting that Obama and his colleagues at the United Nations are preparing for complete gun confiscation of civilian owned American guns. There is a new document, previously held secret, which has surfaced and clearly signals the intention of the United Nations to engage in gun confiscation in the relatively near future. The document is damning, however, the existence of the document is not even needed to prove the point that there is a major confrontation brewing between the American people and an international peace-keeping UN force, and it’s coming right around the corner...

National Days of Protest
Against Invasion of Illegals

MORE THAN 320 PROTESTS NATIONWIDE SCHEDULED (at time of this posting). If you want to add a protest near you, please email all of your details to WilliamG[at]alipac[dot]us with “new event” in the subject line.

Please join us at the times and places (see ‘Protest Locations List Sorted By State’ link below) to protest at state capitals, on overpasses, outside the offices of amnesty supporting lawmakers, and at locations where Obama is trying to bus and house illegal aliens as part of his new federal smuggling operation!

These protests have been launched by:
» Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
» Make Them Listen
» Overpasses for America

Protests Against Illegal Immigration and Obama Policies

Big thanks to the American patriots like us that stood up to and turned back Obama’s illegal immigration invasion buses in Murrieta, CA and Oracle CA!


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