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Boehner Caves To Obama On Immigration

Lead Story by Greg Campbell, Tea Party News Network (TPNN) —
When it comes to describing Speaker of the House John Boehner, “leader” seems to be an inappropriate term as the top lawmaker in the House has capitulated to the president in his crusade to rule via executive edict on the issue of illegal immigration.

Appearing to favor a policy of appeasement over advocating for the rule of law, Speaker Boehner announced on Thursday that House Republicans would not be taking up measures to defund the president’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA).

The move to try and defund DACA has been meant as a leveraging tool to try and dissuade the president from granting executive orders providing amnesty. Obama has repeatedly threatened to act unilaterally in violation of the Constitution’s separation of powers in order to secure immigration reform if Congress cannot pass legislation.

On Thursday, Boehner revealed that he would be pursuing a plan for immigration reform that centered on a working group’s proposals that did not cite the president’s amnesty-oriented policies as a contributing factor towards the rise of illegal immigration in America.

“I’m focused on the recommendations of our border control working group, and we’re operating within those guidelines,” Boehner announced. The group’s proposal take no hard lines and instead, advocate speeding up deportations and other moderate, easily-manipulated border security measures.

On Wednesday, Tea Party Senator Jeff Sessions blasted the working group’s soft-touch proposal, stating,
“Any attempt at improving the border situation would be rendered utterly void if the President follows through on his dramatic nullification acts. How can Congress ignore this brewing constitutional crisis? In fact, granting the President new funds without tackling these orders would be an institutional surrender to the planned illegality.”
In the Senate, Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz called for a defunding of Obama’s deferred action program. The bill released last week would prohibit the federal government from using funds to process applications for illegal immigrants looking to stay in the U.S., despite having come to the country illegally.
“The only way to stop the border crisis is to stop President Obama’s amnesty,” Cruz said in a statement. “If we do not put an end to its expansion — to the promise of amnesty that is the reason so many are coming — then more little boys and girls will be trafficked, abused, and even killed.”
Sen. Cruz is one of many conservatives to point to Obama’s advocacy of lawlessness as a large factor in the surge of illegal immigrants that continue to overwhelm authorities. With the threat of deportation off the table and the high likelihood of Obama working extralegally to grant amnesty, the illegal immigration problem has exploded as tens of thousands of illegals continue to cross the border, hoping to step foot on U.S. soil and thus be allowed to stay.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn introduced similar legislation in the House to try and defund Obama’s DACA program.
“Central American children have fled to the United States based on a false hope that they will be allowed to remain permanently. This false hope created by the Obama Administration is putting children’s lives in danger as they are escorted by individuals who have been known to abuse these children during their journey and even leave some for dead,” Blackburn said in a statement. “It is now clear that the Obama Administration saw this problem coming and that children were used as pawns in the President’s political game. President Obama’s failure to act has forced Congress, once again, to lead the effort to address the crisis on our border.”
Boehner’s latest announcement now removes the threat of legislative action should the president issue yet another executive edict to strengthen the flow of illegal immigrants surging into this country.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions: Congress Must Stop
President’s Planned Amnesty Orders

Partial Transcript
“We now know that we are facing an exceedingly grave threat of an unbelieveable expansion of [Obama’s] unilateral executive orders of amesty. They go beyond anything we have ever seen in this country and THREATENS THE VERY CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK OF OUR REPUBLIC, AND THER VERY ABILITY OF THIS NATIONS TO EVEN HAVE BORDERS. When the American people find out what is being discussed they will not allow it to happen, in my opinion... Let me just say right now. This president is not going to get away with unilateral anesty. We are going to take this to the American people, and at some point this Congress will be held to account. If he does so every member is going to have to vote and be responsible for allowing this president to run roughshod over the law of this country, and the peoples' representatives, and in effect, the peole of the United States.”

» ISIS Leader Threatens Obama: ‘We’re Coming For You’
Newsmax —
 photo 071314NewsBriefs3_FreedomOutpost.jpg The radical Islamist group terrorizing Iraq and ousting Christians there has threatened President Barack Obama, U.S. sources revealed. "We're coming for you, Barack Obama," the group threatened, according to Elissa Slotkin, acting principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, in a story published by The Hill. The group's insurgence inside the country has drawn the attention of U.S. officials who have called it "worse than al-Qaida." "It is al-Qaida in its doctrine, ambition and, increasingly, in its threat to U.S. interests," Brett McGurk, a deputy assistant secretary of state, said in testimony during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing Wednesday... Note: This is the same Muslim prisoner that Obama released in 2009 who vowed to see [Americans] in New York.

» Highly Regarded Arizona Physician Warns Of Pandemic Diseases Coming Into The USA From Illegal Aliens
Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show —
Dr. Jane Orient is one of Arizona’s most respected physicians. She has and does sit on many medical boards and often serves as the head. I recently interviewed Dr. Orient and she discussed the viruses and diseases coming into our country via the recent illegal immigrant invasion. In the interview, she alludes to federal collusion with regard to this danger. The number of infected Border Patrol is referenced and she even discusses a Halliburton type of company that is buying up abandoned buildings in order to profit from the present situation. In the interview, you will hear Dr. Orient agree with the statement that it is a matter of when, not if, Ebola makes its way into the country. This is a stunning interview from a highly respected physician.

» Israeli Christians Call For Solidarity With Brothers In Iraq, Syria
Israel Today —
Israeli Christians groups are growing frustrated over the world’s disproportionate focus on the current Gaza war, while all but ignoring the brutal slaughter and forced conversion of fellow Christians in Iraq and Syria. “We call on the local councils of all Christian communities to announce five days of mourning and to paint all doors with the (Arabic) letter “nun” in solidarity with our people in Mosul, Iraq, where Christians were expelled, slaughtered and churches were burned,” read a Facebook post by the Israeli Christian Lobby...

» Hamas Finds Overwhelming Support At UN
Breaking Israel News —
Time and again the United Nations has been used as a forum to denigrate and demonize Israel. Recent events have continued this pattern against the beleaguered country. At an emergency session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Wednesday, Israel was again condemned for “gross violations of human rights,” as a resolution was passed 29 to 1 essentially holding Israel wholly responsible for the current conflict in Gaza. 17 countries abstained, while only the US was brave enough to reject the accusations leveled against Israel in the one-sided resolution...

» ‘Hail Satan’: At-Large Arizona Arsonist Burns Bibles at Churches, Praises Devil
Christian News Network —
(MESA, Arizona) Police officers in Arizona are searching for an arsonist who has burned several Bibles on church properties recently, even inscribing ‘hail Satan’ on one of the church’s gates. According to The Arizona Republic, an unidentified arsonist in Mesa has torched Bibles on six different occasions since mid-May. The arsonist, who remains at large, is believed to be a White or Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20s. When the “hail Satan” message was discovered, Rice said he knew the arsonist was burning the Bibles to promote an anti-Christian message. “They were sending a message—we reject Christ by burning the Bible and we lift up Satan,” he told KTVK-TV. Rice further suggested that the charred Bibles represent the age-old battle between good and evil...

» Franklin Graham: We Must Speak On Moral Issues, Or ‘We Are Cowards And Deserve Hell’
CNS News —
 photo 072512NewsBriefs7_CNSNews.jpg Reverend Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and son of world renowned pastor Bill Graham, said that Christians must preach the whole truth of the Bible and not avoid controversial topics, such as sin and judgment, or “we are cowards and deserve Hell.” He added that “sinful behavior that is excused and repackaged as personal choice is Satan’s greatest deception,” and those preachers who minimize sin to keep their pews filled and “make sinners comfortable in their sin,” commit an egregious offense against God, who “has prepared a lake of fire for those who reject His truth.”...

» Obama Encourages Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) To Stand Down, Says Former Border Agents
The Washington Times —
President Obama has sent out a subtle message to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stand down and slack off the enforcement, former border agents told the National Review Online. Some agents say the White House has purposely failed to order them to take care of the influx of illegals across the border, said Ronald Colburn, the former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, National Review Online reported. And that neglect has led to the scores of illegal minor-age immigrants coming up from Central America, Mr. Colburn said....

» RUSH: What’s Going On At The Border Is All About Liberals Not Liking This Country
The Daily Rushbo, Audio Clip —
La Raza (The Latino Race) President and CEO Janet Murguia said it sickened her to hear Americans against illegal immigration chanting "USA! USA!" at protests around the country. Singling out the Murrieta demonstrators during her keynote address at La Raza's annual conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Murguia accused them of having "cloaked their hatred in patriotism" by shouting "'USA! USA!' again and again." "It made me angry," she said. "In fact, I was outraged." Murguia demanded that the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently here receive amnesty and said the road to the White House for Republicans goes through the Latino community and La Raza...

» 100 Days A Slave: The Christian Girls Kidnapped By Boko Haram
Breitbart —
(Yesterday) marked the 100th day that 276 schoolgirls from Chibok have been held captive by the Islamist terrorists of Boko Haram. It also marks the 100th day during which Nigeria, its neighbors, allies, and the United States, a strategic partner of Nigeria, have failed to locate or rescue the girls. Most of the girls, it is feared, have been forced into sex slavery. On May 30th it was reported that two of the kidnapped girls were found tied to a tree, raped and half-dead. Four other girls had been killed for being “stubborn and uncooperative.” A handful have escaped...

Sens. Cruz and Sessions Colloquy On
Stopping President Obama’s Amnesty

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