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U.S. Constitution & Rule Of Law Be Damned

Greg Campbell, Political Analyst, TPNN — On Monday, President Obama announced what many Americans had long expected, but Constitutionalists have long feared. Obama announced that he was taking unilateral action on the issue of immigration reform

In the same Rose Garden where two years ago he announced his unilateral plan to stop enforcing existing immigration laws in favor of handling deportations on a case-by-case basis, President Obama announced on Monday that he would, in the following months, be taking action without the approval of Congress to address illegal immigration and immigration reform issues.

Noting that Speaker of the House John Boehner does not intend to vote on immigration reform legislation this year, Obama stated,
“I take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue and Congress chooses to do nothing. And in this situation, the failure of the House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our economy and it’s bad for our future.”

“I held off on pressuring them for a long time to give Speaker Boehner the space he needed to get his fellow Republicans on board,” Obama also stated.
Obama blasted Republicans for not falling-in-line with the Democrats’ call for immigration reform. While Republicans have remained open to ideas aimed at curbing illegal immigration, all pieces of legislation that have gained any sort of traction in the House or Senate have called for some form of amnesty- a reward of citizenship for those who are here illegally.

Further, Speaker Boehner and other leading Republicans have repeatedly noted that the president is operating more and more lawlessly and cannot be trusted to adequately enforce the law- an argument that was validated by Monday’s assertion that the president can operate without Congress in creating laws.

Repeatedly claiming that the “majority” of Americans are united in a belief that immigration reform is needed, despite the fact that the country remains highly divided on this issue and “immigration reform” has come to encompass a broad range of ideas, with Democrats and moderate Republicans championing amnesty ad nauseum.
“Our country and our economy would be stronger today if House Republicans had allowed a simple yes or no vote on this bill or for that matter any bill. They would be following the will of the majority of the American people to support reform,” Obama said. “Instead, they have proven again and again that they are unwilling to stand up to the Tea Party in order to do what’s best for the country. The worst part of is a bunch of them know better.”
President Obama swayed back and forth between assuring Americans he looked forward to working with Republicans and issuing ultimatums.
“If House Republicans are really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, the best solution to that is passing bills,” Obama advised.
Of course, while the president does hold power to influence legislation via veto power and such, no power exists in our Constitution that allows the president to unilaterally declare which laws will be enforced, which laws will not and to create new laws without the consent of Congress.

Monday’s announcement is sure to startle many conservatives as he appears more and more at ease with taking power into his own hands. Obama’s announcement came just days after the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that he had overstepped his office’s limitations by making recess appointments and it came on the same day that the Supreme Court affirmed the right of companies to refrain from purchasing healthcare that includes contraceptives if it violates religious principles- a key element of Obamacare, President Obama’s namesake legislation that serves as his crumbling first-term “achievement.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released a statement minutes after Obama’s announcement, saying,
“After being rebuked 13 times by a unanimous Supreme Court in just three years and with the House of Representatives filing a lawsuit to curb Obama’s presidential overreach, you’d think this administration would get the message. Our Constitution is not a list of suggestions. Our founders were not mistaken when they created three separate branches of government.”
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About The Post Author, Greg Campbell
A former contributor for The Oregon Commentator, a conservative journal of opinion, Greg is the Chief Political Analyst and Correspondent for The Tea Party News Network and a regular contributor for RightWing News. Greg is an unapologetic defender of Constitutional principles and the free-market system. His area of expertise is firearm and Second Amendment-related issues. He lives in Nevada with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors.

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Obama Announces He Can Rule
Without Congress On Immigration

“In the same Rose Garden where two years ago he announced his unilateral plan to stop enforcing existing immigration laws in favor of handling deportations on a case-by-case basis, President Obama announced on Monday that he would, in the following months, be taking action without the approval of Congress to address illegal immigration and immigration reform issues.” » TPNN | YouTube


Current Events And Commentaries

» Shock As It’s Revealed Obama Orders US Military To Submit To Sharia Law During Ramadan

Our troops must adhere to the sharia during the Islamic month of Ramadan in Bahrain and other Muslim countries. Subjected to dawah (proselytizing) by an Islamic cultural adviser at the Naval Support Activity, soldiers are forced to sit through lessons on Islam. No eating, drinking, alcohol, smoking during the month of Ramadan.

What Obama Is Doing To The Military Today
Will Be In America Tomorrow

Lead Story by Now The End Begins (NTEB) —

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” ~ Revelation 18:4

Shock waves spreading across the Internet today as it has been revealed that US soldiers serving in the Middle East are now required to observe the demonic doctrine of Sharia Law during the month of Ramadan, while at the same time being denied access to use of their bibles and open display of their Christian faith.

And why? Because after Obama has thoroughly conditioned the military, through a combination of forced mental conditioning and all the unnamed pills soldiers are forced to take without question, they will come back to the State and bring their new-found love for Islam with them. This is the mission that Commander-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama has undertaken, and will not rest until it is completed.

America destroyed, mission accomplished.

Stars & Stripes reports that U.S. personnel accustomed to drinking their coffee on the drive to work will have to put that habit on hold for about a month. It’s one of a few lifestyle changes Americans will have to make during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Officials expect Ramadan to begin at sunrise on Saturday, depending on when the new moon is sighted. The holy month lasts for approximately 30 days — until about July 28. For Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month of fasting and devotion to God. Most Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, when families gather for Iftar — the meal that breaks the fast.

For the 8,200 U.S. personnel living here, and those serving throughout the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility — including service members, civilian personnel, contractors and family members — the month may require changing some daily routines.

Businesses and government offices will reduce hours and most restaurants will be closed during daylight hours. While not required to fast during Ramadan, in Bahrain, Americans can be fined or detained by local authorities for eating, drinking or smoking in public when off-base during daylight hours.

Navy officials are requiring U.S. personnel to dress more conservatively off-base during Ramadan. Although not a requirement by Bahraini authorities, the Navy is demanding that men wear long-sleeved shirts and women wear sleeved blouses that cover their elbows. Also, men must wear long trousers, and women should wear pants or skirts that cover the knees.

Base cultural advisers have spent the last few weeks conducting Ramadan briefs to educate Americans about the holy month. Ali Hassan briefed about 150 personnel Tuesday about Islam, the lunar calendar and customs and traditions during Ramadan.
“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez. He said the additional requirements during the month aren’t a big deal to him. “For such a small period of time, it’s a small sacrifice,” he said.
Other servicemembers echoed that sentiment.
Hassan encouraged personnel to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent, many of which are set up at various locations around Bahrain during the holy month and welcome non-Muslims.
“Make it a point to visit these tents while you’re here. You don’t know if you’ll ever come back to Bahrain in the future,” Hassan said during the brief. While the tents offer a more traditional atmosphere, many restaurants put aside their regular menus during the month and serve special Iftar dinners. » Full Article & Related Stories

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» Red Alert: Borders Wide Open To Terrorists
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The increase includes an alarming amount of illegals from other parts of the world other than Mexico and South America. This is a wake up call for those unaware of the dangers lurking in towns close to the United States-Mexico border. And a hard lesson on whats to come if the current administration unleashes the wave of disease, terrorism, and despotism that will certainly break the back of the United States of America. This is the first video in a...

» Obama Celebrates Ramadan Month, Plans To Host Islamic Dinner At White House
Christian News Network —
To commemorate the beginning of Ramadan, the White House released a statement from President Obama on Friday. In the statement, the President pays tribute to Muslims across the world and describes Ramadan as a “blessed month” and a “sacred time.”

“Here in the United States,” Obama wrote, “we are grateful to the many Muslim American organizations, individuals, and businesses that are devoted to creating opportunity for all by working to reduce income inequality and poverty, not only through their charitable efforts, but also through their initiatives to empower students, workers and families with the education, skills and health care they deserve.”

[...see full article]

In previous Ramadan ceremonies, Obama has asserted that Thomas Jefferson once hosted an Iftar dinner at the White House. For example, in his 2010 Ramadan remarks, the President said Thomas Jefferson’s hosting of a Tunisian ambassador in 1805 was “the first known Iftar at the White House.”

Despite Obama’s claims, many have disputed the Jefferson Iftar story. According to a 2010 article from Jihad Watch, Jefferson did in fact host a Tunisian Muslim for a White House meal, but the dinner was not considered an observance of Ramadan or an endorsement of Islam. Rather, Islam was viewed negatively by nearly all of the founding fathers, including Jefferson.

“There is not a single American statesman or traveler or diplomat in the days of the early Republic who had a good word for Islam,” the Jihad Watch article argues. “Look high, look low, consult whatever you want in the National Archives or the Library of Congress, and you will not find any such testimony.” ...

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