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‘News From An Uncompromising Biblical Worldview’

“Obama Couldn’t Care Less What God
And The Bible Say About Sodomy”

Heather Clark, Christian News Network — (AUSTIN, Texas) Barack Obama recently laughed and fist bumped a cashier who moonlights as a crossdresser after he joked with the president that he has sexual relations with men.

The Austin Chronicle reports that Obama visited the Franklin Barbecue on Thursday during his visit to the Lone Star State, a popular restaurant in the city that was backed up with its characteristic long line upon his arrival.

As Obama made his way to the front of the line to pay for his meal, he was met by cashier Daniel Rugg Webb, who also works as a comedian and musician, and at times dresses as a drag queen. Webb lamented to reporters that he had not donned his “sequins” the day that Obama visited the restaurant.

“Equal rights for gay people!” he declared as he emphatically slapped the counter.

“Are you gay?” Obama asked.

“Only when I have sex,” Webb replied.

He tells the Austin Chronicle that Obama then began laughing and offered his fist, saying, “Bump me.”

The two exchanged a fist bump, which was caught on camera by New York Times reporter Doug Mills. The photograph shows both of the men smiling as Obama reaches over the counter to show his support for Webb.

“I do stand-up, so it was nice to have some interaction based on, hopefully, something funny,” Webb stated. “If Rick Perry would’ve walked in, I would have lost my job. I would’ve taken that old queen to town.”

But not everyone finds the exchange humorous, especially Obama’s reaction as the leader of the nation.

“Obama never misses the opportunity to besmirch the office of president of these United States,” wrote Geoffrey Grider of Now the End Begins. “Fist-bumping with flaming homosexuals while making wildly inappropriate gay sex jokes? Sure! Obama has never met a low that he didn’t like.”

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality likewise told Christian News Network that he finds it sad that Obama thinks sex between two men is humorous while ignoring the health implications of the homosexual lifestyle.

“The president’s double-standard on health is telling: He and First Lady Michelle are dead serious about healthy snack foods for kids, but homosexual sex is a laughing matter,” he said. “This is despite the fact that the evidence keeps coming in about just how dangerous homosexual sex is, especially for males. Virtually every case of HIV among males ages 13 to 24 is linked to homosexual sex, and recently the CDC stated that syphilis is now predominantly a disease for ‘men who have sex with men.’”

“Obama couldn’t care less what God and the Bible say about sodomy,” LaBarbera lamented. “But no matter how cool the Left and ‘gay’ activists try to make homosexual behavior, it will always be detestable in the eyes of our Creator. Thank God it’s also changeable as proven by the many men and women who have left homosexuality behind.” » Full Article

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