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It Was Quite Brave Of Border Patrol Agent Garza
To Speak Out

“There’s not a sane nation on earth that would permit infected immigrants into their country” - Michael Savage, The Savage Nation

Jennifer Burke, TPNN Online Editor — Brandon Darby, editor-in-chief for Breitbart Texas, has spent a lot of time at the Texas-Mexico border documenting what some people are referring to as an invasion. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens have entered the country this year alone. Pictures of thousands of illegal aliens on rooftops of trains headed to the U.S. border are an indication that there is no end in sight. The U.S. government then transports these illegal aliens to American cities, with large numbers going to red states like Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi recently held a press conference from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas during which she proclaimed that the United States border and U.S. sovereignty is irrelevant for, in Pelosi’s view, ‘we [including those from Mexico and Central America] are all Americans.’

The Left continues their push for what they call ‘immigration reform’ despite the fact that recent polls show that an overwhelming number of Americans want less immigration, not more. But, that has not stopped Obama from vowing to once again usurp the Constitution by abusing executive orders to enact ‘immigration reform,’ i.e. amnesty.

During a recent visit to the Texas southern border, Darby interviewed Hector Garza who is the National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 spokesman. The interview takes place at a bus station and you can see hundreds of illegal aliens roaming around the bus station waiting for their American taxpayer funded bus trip to a city. There, they will be dropped off at bus stations and told to report to their court date. But, the majority will never show up. Why should they? They are already in America, transported to a city to bring them a new life rather than transported back home.

Garza talks about the overcrowding in the bus stations as well as the food stations and medical clinics set up to care for these illegal aliens. Imagine that. Taxpayer money is being used for medical clinics for illegal aliens while our veterans are left to die since VA hospital workers cared more about their bonuses than providing care.

He continues by calling out the government for their failure to deal with this invasion adequately. Since the Obama administration is trying desperately to control the images being taken at the border and is distorting the pervasive problems that this invasion is creating, it was quite brave of Border Patrol Agent Garza to speak out. » Full Article

WATCH Darby’s interview to hear what Border Patrol Agent Garza has to say about this Obama administration created crisis at the border.

Thousands of Illegal Aliens Dispersed
Across US Cities

“National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 spokesman, Hector Garza Discusses the crowded Laredo, Texas bus station and why it is full of illegal immigrants.”

About The Post Author, Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke became politically active for the first time at the Porkulus Tea Party in Seattle in February 2009. She was a speaker at the Seattle Tax Day Tea Party at Westlake Center on April 15, 2010, was featured in a popular Tea Party video, Proud to be a Teabagger, that has gone viral on YouTube and many top conservative blogs, and was a Scott Walker WI rally speaker.

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