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“I can’t ever remember a U.S. President who has disrespected our men and women who have honorably served the nation they love, more than Barack Hussein Obama.”

Jennifer Burke, TPNN Online Editor — President Obama’s visit to Delaware was not met with all cheers and admiration as his photo-op shots might suggest. BuzzPo reports that a group of 25 veterans decided to show Obama just what they think about his poor treatment of America’s veterans. Eric Reed, founder of Gun Rights Across America, spoke with the organizer of the back turning protest, Martin Nicholson.

A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp, Nicholson gives the command to around 25 veterans to turn their backs to Barack Obama’s passing motorcade at approximately the 35-second mark. (Watch Video Below) They remain with their backs turned until the 1:08-mark.

Reed reports on his conversation with Nicholson, who also happens to be the Northeast Regional Coordinator for Gun Rights Across America.
When I spoke with Nicholson earlier today, he stated “Obama’s not doing anything to protect our veterans. He wants to ban the importation of the AK-47 rifle, but he refuses to help our veterans who were shot at by them!” Nicholson also advised that he’ll be at the Delaware State Capitol Building with a group this Saturday, to protest the large amount of illegal aliens flowing into Delaware.

I think I speak for all of us when I say, I can’t ever remember a U.S. President who has disrespected our men and women who have honorably served the nation they love, more than Barack Hussein Obama. Seeing our veterans awaiting the passing motorcade to send that man the message of their disapproval can be summarized with one epic phrase: “OOH-RAH!”
Delaware Online reports that Oath Keepers and Three Corners Patriots were also present to participate in this protest. Believing that Obama should be focusing on other issues around the country, like the VA Scandal and the illegal alien invasion, rather than being in Delaware for a photo-op, protest organizer Nicholson said, “We feel he’s turned his back on us veterans, so we’re going to turn our backs on him as he drives by on his motorcade to show our appreciation that he does not care about us veterans.”

Participant John Stroud added, “Take care of your own first. There are Americans that need help first. I think there are more important things you could be doing than coming to Delaware to look at a bridge.”

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Obama Visits Delaware

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