Monday, August 11, 2014


Comparing Current Events To Bible Prophecy
with Pastor Michael W. Hoggard

“The One” - Part 1 | Pastor Mike Hoggard explores the concept of the new age messiah referred to as “The One” and how it relates to the symbol that is a common link to everything he discovered concerning the coming Fourth Kingdom.

This video series takes an in-depth look at what the Great Seal of the United States represents according to the King James Bible.

Discover the root meaning and history behind the "all seeing eye" and other symbols included on the Great Seal stamped on the back of the one dollar bill.

About Pastor Michael W. Hoggard
Michael W. Hoggard is the senior pastor of Bethel Church located in Festus, Missouri. He is founder and director of Prophetic Research Ministry, and spent years researching the Scriptures. He is often called upon to lecture on college campuses, prophecy conferences, Bible conferences, and local churches, and has discovered biblical principles for understanding the Word of God. » Full Bio

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