Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Family-Friendly Television Productions

Partial Transcript: “The following is a video written by Ted Shoebat. It contains detailed inhumane violent content so caution is advised for young children.

Anti-Christian violence is intensifying every day in India, and this new story further illustrates it. A church in Delhi was recently set on fire. The Indian police is saying that it was an accident, but the evidence speaks otherwise. All of the icons of Christ were gutted, and according to the priest, Father Cyril Patrick, security footage reveals that someone threw a burning object inside the church.

There is also other violence happening, including some events in which Hindus have raped Christian women, and even set other Christians on fire. This photo is of a 20 year old Christian student named Rajni who was burned alive by Hindus.

Rajni lived in a Catholic orphanage, and a mob of Hindus attacked it and burned her alive. Fr. Edward Sequeira, a priest belonging to the Society of Divine Word, and who was injured in the attack, narrated the attack as follows:” ... read full transcript here

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