Sunday, January 4, 2015


“Unleashing God’s Truth One Verse At A Time”

Teaching Scriptures: Luke 21:25-26

“It is that time when we turn to the Word of God to hear the Word of the Lord. The text before us today is found in Luke chapter 21...Luke chapter 21. And as you know, if you've been studying the Word of God with us, the twenty-first chapter of Luke's gospel is about the return of Jesus Christ. In fact, it is our Lord's own words regarding His return. He had much to say about the Second Coming. He gave this message on the Mount of Olives in the evening on Wednesday of Passion Week. After teaching all day in the temple and being confronted by the leaders, He left, sat on the side of the Mount of Olives and spoke to the disciples concerning His Second Coming.

Thursday, the next day, they celebrated the Passover. Friday He was crucified. Sunday He rose from the dead. Forty days later He ascended to heaven where He has been until He returns. The world is very familiar, at least the western world, with the elements of Christmas, the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, the story of His first coming. Most people are familiar with Bethlehem and a manger and Joseph and Mary and no room in the inn and the star and angels and shepherds and wise men and perhaps even Herod and the slaughter of the innocents. Those are precious elements to the familiar story of our Lord's first coming.

All of those elements are part of a grand scheme of things which God has revealed in Scripture. There are at least 300 plus Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in the first coming of Jesus Christ. The details of His first coming then were laid out in the Old Testament. So were the details of His Second Coming. In fact, the Old Testament in many places and in many ways describes details not fulfilled in His first coming to be fulfilled in His Second Coming. The precision with which the details of His first coming were fulfilled validates the Old Testament and establishes the credibility of those details prophesied with regard to His Second Coming....”

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