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“Unleashing God’s Truth One Verse At A Time”

Originally aired March 20, 2011...

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The Grim Reality Of The Last Days
Teaching Scriptures: Mark 13:1-13

“Let's go to the gospel of Mark, our familiar location. When I have been kind of discussing what we might do after the gospel of Mark, thinking about after a little bit of a break this summer for me and Patricia, a little time away, we'll come back and it has been suggested to me by several people that we ought to do the gospel of John, and go back through and start again on the story of Christ from a completely different viewpoint, from the person of John, because it's been essentially 40 years since we had the opportunity to do that. So that's just how much people love the story of Christ. You cannot get enough. So I'm weighing that wonderful consideration.

I think we're all finding out that this is a very dangerous planet to live on. can get caught in a war, a war that you really had nothing to do with and become a victim of the hatred and the greed and the struggle for power by people in high positions. We are watching essentially war stretching across the Middle East, very much aware of it. Now that war engages virtually the world in a no-fly zone of Libya, a coalition of nations coming against Muammar Gaddafi. Before it's all over, there will be thousands if not tens of thousands who die. That's really nothing new for us.

It's a dangerous world as well because you can be the victim of an earthquake, or a tsunami. You can be the victim of a famine because you can't get to the food or the food can't get to you because of a natural disaster. You can be the victim of a fire, or a flood, as we see repeated again and again throughout the world....”

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