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Understanding The Times With Jan Markell
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Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam
The Threat of Islamic Jihad and Terrorism to Come to America

Air Date: February 7, 2015 — Jan’s first guest is Brigitte Gabriel who has been sounding a warning as to the Islamic threat in the world – and specifically America – for a decade. She is the author of “They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam” and “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America” found in any bookstore. Compelling sound bites are played that support her case.

Then Jan talks to Pastor Ray Bentley about his book, “The Holy Land Key: Unlocking End-Times Prophecy Through the Lives of God’s People in Israel”

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About Jan Markell
HOST: JAN MARKELL was saved under Jewish evangelist Hyman Appleman when she was a child. In Jan’s early ministry years she was a part of the Messianic movement, worked for pro-Israel agencies, and for Jewish evangelism ministries. In the year 2000, Jan launched a radio branch of the ministry starting first on AM980 KKMS, Minneapolis/St. Paul. In 2004, the program was syndicated nationally and is heard internationally on the Internet. “Understanding the Times” radio has been received well as a source of news and information hard to find. “Understanding the Times” is interview and commentary-driven.

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Brigitte Gabriel Educates Moderate Muslim

Brigitte Gabriel Response To Moderate Muslim Receives Standing Ovation During Benghazi Panel

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About Brigitte Gabriel
BRIGITTE GABRIEL is the Founder and President of Act for America. Ms. Gabriel is one of the leading national security experts in the world, providing information and analysis on the rise of Islamic terrorism. Ms. Gabriel lectures nationally and internationally about national security and current affairs. Her expertise is sought after by world and business leaders. Ms. Gabriel has addressed the United Nations, the Australian Prime Minister, members of the British Parliament/House of Commons, members of the United States Congress, the Pentagon, the Joint Forces Staff College, the U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. Asymmetric Warfare group, the FBI, and many others. In addition, Ms. Gabriel is a regular guest analyst on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and various radio stations daily across America. She serves on the board of advisers of the Intelligence Summit.

Ms. Gabriel is the author of two New York Times Best Sellers, BECAUSE THEY HATE and THEY MUST BE STOPPED. Ms. Gabriel is named one of the top 50 most prominent speakers in America. She speaks Arabic, French, English and Hebrew.