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“And this know, that if the goodman of the house had known what hour the thief would come,
he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through.”
~ Jesus
Luke 12:39

Open Letter From Truman To Obama

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Pat Boone Delivers Note Advising BHO
To ‘Hiroshima’ ISIS While He Still Can

Mr. President, I’m Harry Truman.

Democrat. President of the United States. Like you.

I imagine you’ve heard of me, but you weren’t much into American history when you were in high school. You said “I smoked a lot of pot. A lot.” I’m guessin’ you were just coastin’ through, partyin’, havin’ what they called a “high time.”

I read your book, “Dreams From My Father,” very interesting. Wondered why it wasn’t “Dreams of My Father” since you said you never got to know him well.

But apparently those dreams fit in well with what your stepdad taught you when you were growin’ up in Indonesia. They both taught you that America was some kind of evil colonialist oppressor, didn’t they? And you grew up a Muslim, in Indonesia, right?

You wrote about your kindly “ol uncle Frank, the poet” and how you spent so many afternoons in long discussions, during your teen years in Honolulu. You quote him quite a bit in your book – but you forgot to mention he was Frank Marshall Davis, a well-known Communist writer, publisher and pornographer, and that he was on the FBI “watch list.” He was just “uncle Frank,” the old poet.

And then, when you somehow got into Occidental College, as a “foreign student,” wasn’t it? You say in your book you “sought out foreign students, Chicanos, politically active black students … and Marxist professors.” And you continued to seek professors like them later at Columbia and Harvard. That seemed a peculiar training for a future president, don’t you think?

As you can see, Mr. President, I know more about you than you do about me.

Well, we have a few things in common. I came to the presidency in a most unexpected way, like you did. I’d just been a small time congressman from Missouri, and then, amazingly, vice president without much to do – and suddenly president when FDR died in office!

I’ll tell ya, son, I prayed a lot, because when I walked into that office I had to learn how to be president after I got the job!

Like you did.

And we were right in the middle of a war. A war against powerful nations with big armies, and leaders with no consciences, no moral guidelines, who were willing to kill millions of innocent people, just to satisfy their plans for world domination!

Sorta like where you are right now, son. I’m not sure you recognize the kind of enemy you’re up against, but I recognize ‘em. I sure do. They’re exactly like the Nazis, the Fascists, the Kamikaze fanatics I was up against!

There’s no arguing or negotiating with these people. Oh, they’ll string you along and sweet talk and make you think you might work out some kind of deal with ‘em. Meanwhile, they’re cutting heads off hostages, burning some alive and butchering children in front of their parents, just to prove they can. And to make the world afraid.

I’m writing this to give you some advice. From what I’ve seen from up here, you don’t like advice very much. You seem to think you can just make your own decisions, and everything’ll work out the way you want it to. But I’ve got a great worldview from where I’m sitting – and I’m tellin’ you you’ve got one choice now. Just one.

When I became president, America had just gotten the atomic bomb. Nobody wanted to use it – except the Germans, who were racing us to get the capability. If we didn’t use it first, they certainly would. And I – I alone – had to make the decision whether to use it, even knowing some innocent Japanese would be killed, or not to, and see thousands of Japanese and Americans be killed in the ongoing war.

I made the decision. It always said on my desk “The Buck Stops Here.” And I had to personally give our Air Force the directive to drop those first hideous bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasake. And I prayed it was God’s will.

Have you studied over the results of that decision? World War II was suddenly over. Yes, thousands died in those two devastating blasts – but thousands of other lives were saved, both American and Japanese. I was comforted by what I’d read in Romans 13 in the Bible: Talking about governmental rulers that God had put in place, the writer Paul said, “he does not bear the sword in vain: for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

Mr. President, you occupy the position of leader of the free world. If you don’t act now, and act decisively, with the full force of the weapons you have – which America has not used since those two bombs in 1945 – you will forever be condemned for not sparing the world the full force of these demonic enemies when you could have!

You probably don’t have as much regard for Ronald Reagan as I do, but this man saw a crazed tyrant in Libya named Gadhafi, who was sponsoring terrorism in his part of the world, and realized that only a sudden show of terrible force would back him into his hole. So President Reagan authorized a bombing raid right on Gadhafi’s desert compound – without any warning – and stopped him in his tracks. That was the end of Gadhafi’s terrorist activities.

What would I do, right now? I’d send some kind of warning to the people in Northern Iraq to get 50 miles away from the ISIS caves and headquarters … and drop devastation on them as I did on Hiroshima.

And while the mushroom cloud was dissipating, I’d tell Yemen: “You’re next, al-Qaida or Taliban or whatever you call yourselves. You’ve got two days to clear out and scatter for whatever holes you came from. We never wanted to use these terrible weapons, but you’ve left us no choice. Just one episode on American soil like you’ve videotaped over there, and you vermin will cease to exist!”

And then I’d tell Tehran: “We’re through messing with you mullahs and ayatollahs. Discontinue any plan to make a bomb like the one we’ve just used – or we’ll use it on you! If you want a taste of what ISIS just got, try us. We’ve kept our arsenal for just this purpose – not to make war, but to promote peace … through strength.

“We’ve still got the strength, and the will. And we’ll use it, if you force us to. Make up your mind, right now. NOW!”

Mr. President, you’ve tried “diplomacy.” They’re laughing at you, and our allies know, or think they know, you’re not about to take any decisive or deterring action. You’re just dithering, hoping something will happen to get you out of this mess. Maybe Putin will jump in and save your bacon again. The world saw how that worked out.

No, sir, it’s up to you. Have you got the guts, the backbone, the courage to do what has to be done? It’s the only thing that will stop these fiends in their tracks and convince them that they can never ride roughshod over the United States of America – not as long as we still strive to be “one nation under God.” Our God.

They used to call me “give ‘em hell Harry.” What are they gonna call you?

With respect,

God help you. And America.

Harry S Truman...

Obama Just Knowingly Told Another HUGE Lie About Islam: Has He Lost ALL Credibility?

By Matthew Burke, TPNN — In an interview with Fareed Zakaria of CNN this week, Obama lied again about the religion of his youth, Islam, the religion in which almost all terrorism is performed in the name of. Obama proclaimed, despite all evidence to the contrary, that 99.9%, i.e., basically all, of Muslims are opposed to Islamic violence and terrorism, which have been plaguing the globe, burying innocent woman and children alive, crucifying Christians, and most recently, burning an innocent man alive on video for the world to see.

Even though the acts of Islamic terrorism can easily be justified, and are, by scriptures in the Koran, Obama claims that all of the acts of terrorism done in the name of Islam, actually have nothing to do with the religion.
“But it is absolutely true that I reject a notion that somehow that creates a religious war because the overwhelming majority of Muslims reject that interpretation of Islam. They don’t even recognize it as being Islam, and I think that for us to be successful in fighting this scourge, it’s very important for us to align ourselves with the 99.9 percent of Muslims who are looking for the same thing we’re looking for–order, peace, prosperity.”
But as the Pew (left-leaning) Research 2014 Global Attitudes Survey proves, Obama’s 99.9% is simply a number that he is pulling out of thin air, either a figment of an ignorant imagination, or an outright knowable lie to promote the narrative that Islam is somehow the “religion of peace” despite its barbaric terrorism.

When asked, “Can suicide bombings be justified against civilians?,” 46% of Muslims in Palestinian territories said “yes.” In Lebanon, 29% said “yes.” In Egypt, 24% answered affirmatively. In Turkey, 18% said suicide bombings were justified, and in Bangladesh, a whopping 47%, almost half, said that it was okay for civilians to be bombed to further Islam. ...

Obama And The Bergdahls Should Stand Trial For Treason As Evidence Mounts That They Are Traitors

CleanTV: Family-Friendly Television and Video On Demand

Partial Transcript: Evidence is mounting as sources with close ties to military intelligence saying that the Army has concluded its investigation and will in fact charge Bergdahl with desertion. What is in this evidence must include some of our findings which we will show again here which prove that the Bergdahls, both father and son, have left quite a trail to show their Taliban links.

The Obama administration of course has vigorously pushed back, saying there has been no decision to prosecute Bergdahl and that reports are way off base.
While many think that the Obama was simply touting how he was able to free an American soldier who was captured by the Taliban, but why release top 5 terrorist leaders instead of one? Why smile as soon as he heard the most famous war cry of Islam, “bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,” Arabic for “in the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.”

The “basmallah” is another Islamic expression for victory and only indicates that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s father is a Muslim.

And why would the man be simply acting as “Muslim” for a stealth operation to rescue his son who was already in good hands in Germany at that time? And what is with the long beard and trimmed mustache?

Such practice fits with the profile of a Muslim Jihadist.

When father and son trim their mustache and gives the basmallah and elongate their beards, the chances go higher that these were converts to Islam, just as that an ex-Muslim putting on a cross and saying, “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” is evidence enough of conversion to Christianity.... read full transcript here

OUTRAGE: Obama IRS To Give Illegal Aliens Retroactive ‘AMNESTY BONUSES!’

By Matthew Burke, TPNN — Illegal aliens who invade America under Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty scheme will receive what has been coined “amnesty bonuses” by U.S. Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, under special provisions of the Obama IRS tax code.

As the Weekly Standard reported on Friday, a recent Homeland Security Committee on hearing revealed a stunning negative consequence of Obama’s illegal amnesty, the usurping of America’s immigration laws, that in a sane world with courageous leaders would be an impeachable event.

Illegal aliens will be eligible to receive the Orwellian “Earned Income Tax Credit” (which ironically, is not “earned” at all) that will give the foreign invaders tax credits. And worse yet, they will be allowed to reach into the pockets of legal American taxpayers retroactively for the past three years.

“By offering illegal aliens new payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit, the IRS may encourage fraud from those claiming children living in other countries. The Administration may have blown open the doors for fraud with amnesty bonuses of more than $24,000 to those who receive deferred action,” Senator Sasse (R-NE) said in a statement on the matter.

“This is basic economics: if you want more of something, you subsidize it,” Senator Sasse explained. “By subsidizing illegal entry with four years’ worth of new tax credits, the IRS would promote lawlessness. This program severely undermines the White House’s lip-service to enforcing the law and would increase the burden on law-abiding taxpayers.”

Meanwhile ALL 46 Democrat Senators agreed with Obama’s illegal amnesty and redistribution of wealth from American citizens to foreign invaders, all in the name of “fairness” and “equality.”

If the Founding Fathers were around, they would have a different term applied to Obama’s illegal amnesty: “Treason.” ...

Sharia Law Is On The March
To A Neighborhood Near You!

Gabor (Gabe) Zolna

Terrible Deeds In Christ’s Name?
Obama Displays Ignorance Of History

By Selwyn Duke, The New American — Barack Obama (shown at National Prayer Breakfast) certainly makes his share of mistakes, from believing there’s a language called “Austrian” to claiming to have been to “57 states” to pronouncing “corpsman” “corpse-man” three times in the space of one minute. But while many of his displays of ignorance hurt mainly his own credibility, this was not the case during his speech at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast.

Talking about “faith being twisted and distorted,” Obama condemned the Islamic State jihadists as a “brutal, vicious death cult” and cited various Muslim terrorist acts as examples of using “religion” for nefarious ends. He then also said, however, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

It was entirely predictable. Political correctness demands we portray all religions as morally equal, and, when seeking to balance criticism of Islam with that of Christianity, the Crusades and the Inquisition are obvious whipping boys.

Of course, it is true that during the Crusades and the Inquisition (some) people committed terrible deeds, just as during WWII (some) Americans committed terrible deeds. Yet what’s implied, and certainly what will be inferred by most, is not that even during a justifiable event unjustifiable acts will occur. Obama was instead displaying — and trading upon — common misunderstandings of history.

The irony of citing the Crusades to balance criticism of Islamic jihad is that the Crusades were expressly designed as a defense against Islamic jihad. Unbeknownst to most, when Islam was born in 622 A.D., Christianity was the dominant religion in the Middle East and North Africa, with the latter having more Christians than Europe. So what happened?

The sword of Islam happened.

Beginning in 630, the Muslim hordes began their invasions; conquering the old Christian lands in short order, they swept through North Africa and then pushed into Iberia (present-day Spain and Portugal) and Gaul (France now). This incursion into Europe was finally halted at the Battle of Tours in 732, but the Muslims’ expansion would continue elsewhere for hundreds or years. And in 1095 they were attacking from the East, poised to move west into Greece itself or north into the Balkans — the “back door” of Europe. As Professor Thomas Madden, director of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University, wrote in The Real History of the Crusades...

Obama Rebukes Christians And Christ
But But Says Little About Mohammed And Islam

Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time
Passionate Language May Not Be Suitable For Some Sensitive Viewers!

The Time For Talk Is Over

Commentary By Robert K. Wilcox, American Thinker — The time for talk is over. Radical Islam is at war with the world, including America – especially America. It is as despicable a world menace as the Nazis, who tried to keep their savagery secret. These devils gloat.

We’ve already had our Pearl Harbor – 9/11 – with more killed than at Hawaii in 1941 (roughly 2,000 vs. 3,000 in New York). What are we waiting for? FDR asked Congress to declare war the very next day.

The Obama administration is worthless in this fight. Its answer is so-called “smart” diplomacy – make nice with savages and they’ll become good. “Smart diplomacy” doesn’t work. It’s not smart. It’s worse than Neville Chamberlin’s appeasement prior to WWII. At least England went to war at Hitler’s next move – the invasion of Poland. Obama simply retreats from his warnings, goading the savages further.

The problem is that we have no leaders in Washington. They fiddle, concerned with keeping their power, oblivious to the real threats, afraid of challenging. In times past, military leaders could be counted on to stand up, sound the alarm. But Obama, who hates the military, has purged the warriors. Good men, like the Pentagon spokesmen, have been walked back, step by step, until now they justify weakness and mouth a ridiculous policy of not identifying Islam as the enemy because it might bring prejudice against Muslims. Great tradeoff – decapitations, torture, murder of children, slaughter of innocents for possible hurt feelings. How insane these leftist Obama policies have become.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II instantly responded to the burned alive death of his countryman by executing enemy soldiers. What does our president do? He plays golf after saying a few unfelt words about American victims. He wants to let savages out of Guantánamo. He depends on robot drones to make him look good.

Every day, America delays in ending this impotent Obama administration policy and in going to war full force, which means more Americans will die and suffer in righting the terrible losses stemming from Obama’s “smart” diplomacy. The left still mouths the idea that the American people won’t go to war again. Ask that of any American who has seen or heard the Jordanian fighter pilot’s screams while roasting alive. It emanated from a soul screech reached only in unbelievable pain.

This devil-enemy has no soul. It is pure evil. Its members revel in causing torment unimaginable. They believe it willed by their god. They believe that by killing infidels – those who don’t believe as they do – they get closer to their god. They look forward to death. Even most kamikaze pilots didn’t want death. They reluctantly did it as their duty. These devils can’t wait. They want this war. If they get a nuclear bomb, they will use it in a second. The destruction of the world means nothing to them. They are looking forward to it. They go to heaven.

Of course, if you give up all your freedom, renounce everything but Islam, they may let you live – under sharia law, each person a slave to the same monsters who perform the horror we see on their videos. Great life, especially for women, restricted as in caveman days. If you are gay, you don’t get even that choice – only death. And don’t bet on it being swift or merciful.

The time for talk is over. “Smart” diplomacy is dead. It’s helped the enemy. But don’t count on Washington. Unbelievably, they’ll fiddle, talk, wring their hands, and appoint committees. The treasonous press parrot them, covering up, making excuses, putting politicians on the Sunday shows to tell us what’s what. It’s all BS – the result of creeping progressivism that has brought the nation to this threat and is now nothing more than a ticking time bomb leading us to destruction. If Americans don’t demand change and new leadership and policy in the strongest terms – i.e., war with these savages – we will be obliterated by this unrelenting foe, or bowing to Mecca daily....

Why Have There Been So Many
Mysterious Diseases In The US?

Jesus Privately Briefing His Inner Circle of Disciples
Regarding The Last Days
And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. ~ Matthew 24:3-14