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The Inspired & Holy Word of God
According toKing James Version Bible

His Names, Characteristics, And Attributes

“I AM the triune God of Israel.”

YHWH or Yahweh (God - Old Covenant) - JEHOVAH (God - Old Covenant)
God (HaElohim) - God the Only Begotten Son (Elohim ben Yachid) - Adonai (I AM) - Alpha and Omega (Aleph v'Tav; First and Last) - Annointed One (HaMashiach or Christos i.e., Christ) - Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach) - Bridegroom (Chatan) - The Last Adam (HaAdam Ha-acharon) - Good Shepherd (HaRo'eh HaTov) - Head of the Church (Rosh Ha'edah) - I AM THAT I AM (Ehyeh asher Ehyeh) - Immanuel (God With Us) - Jesus (Yeshua) - Jesus the Messiah (HaMashiach Yeshua) - Judge of the Living and the Dead (Shofet haChayim v'hametim) - King of Israel (Melekh Yisrael) - King of Jews (Melekh HaiYehudim) - Lamb of God (Seh HaElohim) - Lion of Judah (Ha-Aryei Mishevet Yehudah) - LORD (Ha'Adon) - Mystery of God (Sod HaElohim) - Only Begotten Son (Ben Yachid) - Prince (Sar) - Prince of the Kings of the Earth (Elyon leMalkhei-Aretz) - Redeemer (HaGo'el) - Resurrection and Life (Hatekumah v'haChayim) - Root of David (Shoresh David) - Savior of all Men (HaMoshia l'chol Adam) - Seed of Abraha (Zera' Avraham) - Son of God (Ben Ha-Elohim) - The Coming One (Hu Haba') - The Deliverer (HaPalat) - The True Vine (HaGefen Emet) - The Word (HaDavar) - The Word of God (HaDavar Elohim)
El Shaddai (God Almighty - Old Covenant)
The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. Proverbs 18:10

The Official King James Bible Online
(For times such as these...)

“That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH,
art the most high over all the earth.” ~ Psalm 83:18

The King James Version is a translation named after King James I of England, who first commissioned the new English Bible translation in 1604 A.D. and later completed in 1611 A.D. King James 'authorized' the new translation to be read in churches in England and beyond. Later known as the 'Authorized Version' in 1814, the King James Version became a standard among English-speaking Christians.

The King James Version is considered one of the most accurate English translations in existence today. A skilled committee of 54 translators worked for 7 years to carefully complete the King James translation.

The translation is most noted for its poetic feel - prose that seems to flow with a certain rhythmic quality. The book is often cited as the most published book in world history with a significant influence on literature and culture in the last few centuries. It is estimated that more than 1 billion copies of the King James Version have been published.

The King James Version has had a few rounds of edits, mostly to keep up with changes in the English language itself. The English from the original 1611 version is noticeably different than the newer 1769 version. People who are unfamiliar with the English language in the Elizabethan and Jacobean era can easily mistake the 1611 King James Version writing style for spelling errors. The same can be said for other writings of that era as well, for example Beowulf. It is widely recognized that the King James Version has made a significant impact on the English language and it continues to leave impressions on people and culture, as one of the most published books in world history. » Read ‘The Official King James Bible Online’

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