Thursday, August 27, 2015


“We discuss current issues and challenging views
from a Biblical Worldview”

Mike LeMay host of Stand Up For The Truth Broadcast interviews Cindy Hartline host of Love For The Truth Radio on the Challenges of Discernment Ministry. With so many false gospels infiltrating our churches its getting more difficult to discern truth from error. According to Matthew 24, “deception” is one of the signs of the Endtimes. What are the responsibilities of a Watchman? How do we continue to contend for the faith? Cindy answers these questions and more.

About ‘Love For The Truth Radio’
LOVE FOR THE TRUTH RADIO is program devoted to encouraging you the listener, to be a contender of the faith in an ever-changing church culture. On Love For The Truth Radio, we discuss current issues and challenging views along with biblical truth that can affect our Christian Worldview and how we live out our faith. On the program, we interview Pastors, Ministry leaders and Founders, Conference Speakers, Radio hosts, Authors, Global Experts, Christian Journalists and more! The Host of the show is Cindy Hartline and the program engineer is Richard Hartline.

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