Thursday, August 6, 2015



Transcript: 27 Christians persecuted by Muslims in the Middle East and seeking asylum in the United States have been in an ICE detention center in Otay Mesa, California while unscreened Muslims are regularly set free to live in the United States.

So the unjust irony here is that it is likely that many Muslims who have persecuted and perhaps murdered family members of these incarcerated Christians are allowed to live freely in the United States while these Christian survivors of Islamic attacks remain locked up indefinitely.

Welcome to the Obamanation of hope and change. No wonder why Obama never spelled out exactly what that meant on the campaign trail.

Oh, but it gets worse. According to, 20 of the 27 Christians detained have American family members who live in Southern California who are willing to sponsor them but not allowed to care for them.

So 20 innocent Christians are punished while Muslims are rewarded to enter the American land of milk and honey, and money, and more money, compliments of American taxpayers who are forced to fund the mass transplanting of millions of Muslims into the United States who are granted plenty of free time to spend behind closed doors in mosques without holding down jobs and receiving billions of dollars in welfare while Christians who fled their Muslim attackers in the Middle East, sit and rot in California jail cells.

This is justice Obama style. When will our Congressmen come out of hiding and right these wrongs? When will U.S. Senators initiate impeachment proceedings? Some believe the most plausible explanation for their inaction is they may be being bribed or blackmailed.

Please forward a link of this video to your congressman and U.S. Senators to do something to help us be a righteous Republic once again and if they refuse, you may want to boldly and bluntly ask them, "Are you currently being bribed or blackmailed?"

To learn more about helping endangered Christians in the Middle East and United States, visit: » Rescue Christians

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