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Monday, October 18, 2021

The Plan Unfolding To Starve Everyone Until You Are Vaccinated - Here’s Why They All Got Jabbed

Synopsis: Hundreds of cargo ships are now being blocked from unloading their goods onto American shores in an unfolding plan to starve America until everyone obeys and gets the jab.

Many who follow this channel are who we call Critical Thinkers, the ones who tend not to follow the herd, the ones who are outspoken, the ones who lead the flock.

Everyone has some kind of an IQ whether it's high or low.

In educational terms, many will brag they have a high IQ (intelligence) while others will rate on a lower scale.

However, in society (General Population), most IQ's ( 90% ) are low (under 100). Those with an IQ under 100 are the followers (Sheep) who cannot think for themselves but would rather listen and obey to whatever they are told by these tyrannical dictators who are telling them to wear a mask over their face and to line up to be jabbed with a poisonous not approved vaccine which is not even a vaccine but rather a gene altering therapy, an Messenger RNA, an experiment to see how many will die in what length of time.

The Elite New World Order leaders know this and use FEAR, DECEPTION and LIES to coerce these followers into doing whatever they want them to do, all for the sake of PROFIT, the almighty Dollar.

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