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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Vaccine Contains Graphene Oxide & Nanochip - When 5G Is Turned On, This Will Happen To The Jabbed

Synopsis: Many people are not seeing any of their friends or family with even the slightest injury or illness from these vaccines and are beginning to question the validity of these vaccine injuries and deaths.

If you have any personal, good quality video of somebody you know who has been injured somehow from getting the shot, let us know by sending your personal video in to my email address: sparrow1947@protonmail.com and it will be featured in a future episode.

These injuries must be viewed in order for those not yet jabbed to think twice about becoming a zombie.

Do not send links to other vaccine injuries as I have tons of video on this. I want only your own personal videos.

If your video is valid and of good quality, both sound and picture ....send them in for all to see and hear.

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