Friday, December 3, 2021

Capernaum, the Town of Jesus

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Synopsis: Kefar Nahum is the town which was the center of Jesus’ ministry in northern Galilee and the town of where Peter’s mother-in-law lived.

Located on the north-west side of the lake of Galilee, the ruins of Capernaum are divided into two sites: the Franciscan and the Greek Orthodox.

Unlike Jerusalem and other touristy ancient places in Israel, Capernaum seems to be untouched, still in its raw form. Just by walking here, and looking at the lake, the hills, the mountains, we felt connected to its history. It is as if we could almost see Jesus walking on these shores, looking at the same hills.

And besides the breathtaking nature, Capernaum has fascinating ruins. A 4th-century synagogue built on top of the original one where Jesus taught, a house which is believed to be the house of Simon Peter the apostle, and much more.

Join us in this episode as we explore this fascinating place. – Season 2, Episode 5

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