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Monday, December 20, 2021

Daily News Briefs Roundup December 20, 2021

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The Coming Metaverse And The Rise Of Pharmakeia Vaccines And Psychedelics Herald The Days Of Noah And Lot
By Geoffrey Grider — The feeling is like spinning very fast on a merry-go-round and trying to focus on the world around you, it’s nearly impossible. And maybe that’s the whole point, right?

With all the talk of the coming Metaverse, one thing is frequently overlooked, and that is its connection to the Days of Noah and Lot forewarned about in scripture. Another thing that so far has seemed to fly ‘under the radar’ is the use of pharmakeia products like gene editing ‘vaccines’ and psychedelics that put you in an altered state of conscienceless. One thing is certain, though, this old world is preparing itself to give birth to a giant baby any day now.

“And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” Luke 17:26 Luke 17:28 Luke 17:30 (KJV)

On this episode of Rightly Dividing, we pull back the cover on the latest events happening in the scientific and medical communities, to show you what it looks like when an unsaved world begins making preparations to receive Antichrist, which is exactly what is happening right now. Everywhere you look, things are changing at a rate almost to fast to chronicle, no sooner than one event takes place, another one even more spectacular rises up to take its place. The feeling is like spinning very fast on a merry-go-round and trying to focus on the world around you, it’s nearly impossible. And maybe that’s the whole point, right? To be bombarded with information at such a fast pace, and then being yelled at, shouted at, bullied, pressured and cajoled into reacting without thinking. In the midst of it all, we are being pushed into a virtual world through technology, and into a virtual world through the use of psychedelics. Tonight we open the pages of our King James Bible to make sense of a senseless world, and in doing so, we will see the hand of God showing us the path forward. Ready to take a leap of faith? I sure am! » Hear This Not-To-Be Missed Radio Broadcast

Frontpage Mag — By Daniel Greenfield

Geller Report — By Pamela Geller

Jihad Watch — By Robert Spencer

And We Know
ARE we watching a BRILLIANT Chess match?
Who is the real PREZ? PRAY?

The Last Refuge — By Sundance

The Conservative Treehouse — Video Runtime 8:10 Minutes 📺 👀

Natural News — By Ethan Huff

Wil Paranormal
Doctors Have Suddenly Become Murderers -
All My Troubles Seemed Like Yesterday
Synopsis: Doctors we have all trusted since children have suddenly become Murderers with no remorse. » Wil Paranormal

Leo Terrell — By Team Terrell

LifeNews.com — By Micaiah Bilger

Lisa Haven — Video Runtime 17:51 Minutes 📺 👀

Killing Keystone: How Biden & The Left Destroyed American Energy Independence
Synopsis: A December poll by ScottRasmussen.com shows 59% of voters believe Biden’s blocking of the Keystone pipeline project has contributed to rising gas prices. How did we get here? This timeline breaks down the project’s history. » MRCTV

The Economic Collapse — By Michael Snyder

The Right Scoop — By Fred T.

The Gateway Pundit — By Jim Hoft

‘Health Ranger Report’
Mike Adams on Covid Shot Depopulation Plan, Manufactured Food Crisis and Planned Collapse of the U.S. Dollar and How to Prepare

WND — By Staff

100 Percent Fed Up — ByAdam Wilson

Liz Wheeler — Video Runtime 4:37 Minutes 📺 👀

Stranger Than Fiction News
Weapons Of War - Covid 5G

CBN News — By George Thomas

Forbes Breaking News — Video Runtime 1:10:01 Minutes 📺 👀

All News Pipeline — By Stefan Stanford

Patriot Underground via Jim Crenshaw
Gene covers: The Ghislane Maxwell Case, Epstein Island, Richard Branson and Virgin Airlines, the Vax Contains Graphene Hydroxide, the Omicron Variant: Comms Analysis, Portals, Space Theater Commentary and a DUMBs Update.

Breitbart — By Charlie Spiering

American Military News — By Dana Barbuto

End Of The American Dream — By Michael Snyder

Christian Patriot News (Must Watch!!)
Is Omicron A White Hat Designed Miracle Covid Cure?

CNS News — By Craig Bannister

The Next News Network — Video Runtime 5:40 Minutes 📺 👀

TGP — By Jim Hoft

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