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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Daily News Briefs Roundup January 12, 2022

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‘Now The End Begins’
ANTICHRIST: Anthony Fauci Caught On A Hot Mic Blaspheming God As He Used The Name Of The Lord As A Curse Word Aimed At Rand Paul And Others
By Geoffrey Grider — Fauci was joined by other Federal health experts and received a fair amount of hectoring from Republican senators, most notably Rand Paul and Marshall, who challenged Fauci on documents recently published by Project Veritas.

Anthony Fauci grows more and more like his father the Devil with each passing day, but today he really “knocked it out of the park” when it comes to blaspheming the Name of the LORD. During a heated exchange with Rand Paul and others who are holding Fauci’s cloven-hoof feet to the fire, Fauci is caught on a hot mic calling Sen. Roger Marshall a ‘moron’ and then in the same breather spitting out the words ‘Jesus Christ’. Perhaps in these Bible-deficient days we live in, you might not think that is blaspheming God, but it absolutely is.

“Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” Philippians 2:9-11 (KJV)

When Fauci and the rest of the world’s lost souls stand at the Great White Throne Judgment in the second resurrection, they are not standing before God the Father, they are standing before His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And what will they be doing on their way to the Lake of Fire? Bowing before the very same Jesus Christ that Anthony Fauci blasphemed this afternoon. Fun fact, Anthony Fauci is a Jesuit, the militant wing of the Roman Catholic harlot. Those people can blaspheme God a dozen times an hour and never have a twinge of conscience. And as long as we are talking about Jesus Christ, just remember He is the only way to Heaven, any other way you choose leads only to the Lake of Fire. » More

Frontpage Mag — By Bruce Thornton

Geller Report — By Pamela Geller

Jihad Watch — By Robert Spencer

The Stew Peters Show
Breaking: Epstein & Maxwell Are Israeli Spies, Planned Bioweapon Shots, Says Doctor
Synopsis: It’s easy to forget these last couple years, but there’s a lot of diseases out there besides Covid-19. Just about all of them are more likely to actually kill you, too: Ebola, Marburg, HIV, and so forth. Well Dr. Arianna Love is back, and she says she has evidence that all these diseases, and others – ADD, Autism, asthma, Monkeypox, smallpox, and more – she says all these diseases are caused by vaccination. Even smallpox, which predates the existence of vaccines. How does that work? Arianna Love joins us with more. » Stew Peters

The Last Refuge — By Sundance

Canada Free Press — By Judi McLeod

Natural News — By Ethan Huff

The Ben Armstrong Show
75% of Covid Deaths In UK
Last Month Were Vaccinated
Synopsis: 75% is the best case scenario, it really is more like 85%. Find out more by watching the video. » Ben Armstrong

Sara A. Carter — By Staff Writer

LifeNews.com — By Steven Ertelt

Candace — Video Runtime 7:22 Minutes 📺 👀

The Alex Jones Show
Dan Crenshaw Exposed as Globalist Puppet
Synopsis: Alex Jones breaks down the evidence showing Dan Crenshaw to be a globalist political puppet. » Alex Jones

SHTFplan.com — By Mary Villareal

The Right Scoop — By Editor

HighImpactFlix — Video Runtime 9:21 Minutes 📺 👀

‘Health Ranger Report’
China Over-vaccinating Its Own Population To Produce “Escape Mutant” Super Viruses To Unleash New Global Pandemic

WND — By News Services

100 Percent Fed Up — By Patty McMurray 📺

Man in America — Video Runtime 60 Minutes 📺 👀
» Biotech & The Metaverse: Transhumanism Has Begun (Whenever you see the word “Biotech” think man and computer merging into one. - B Whalin)

Dr Steve Turley
Woke Women Getting Called Out In Public!!!

CBN News — By Carla K Johnson

NICKY MGTV — Video Runtime 13:25 Minutes 📺 👀

All News Pipeline — By Susan Duclos

Stranger Than Fiction News
Cell Tower Kills Victim On Red List - Assassination Caught On Video

Breitbart — By Matthew Boyle

The Gateway Pundit — By Jim Hoft 📺

The Economic Collapse — By Michael Snyder

‘SkyWatch TV – Five in Ten’
The Bidens and Kazakhstan
Synopsis: Information from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals close business and personal relationships with men who may be connected to the anti-Russian protests in Kazakhstan.

5) Kazakhstan’s former intelligence chief, a “close friend” of Hunter Biden, arrested and charged with treason; 4) New “deltacron” variant identified in Cyprus; 3) Turkmenistan president orders “gates of hell” closed; 2) New damage reported to Joshua’s altar in Israel; 1) Hungry badger discovers largest Roman coin hoard ever found in northern Spain. » SkyWatch TV

American Military News — By Ryan Morgan

Forbes Breaking News — Video Runtime 5:58 Minutes 📺 👀

End Of The American Dream — By Michael Snyder

. Think On This Banner
George Carlin Predicts Covid Hysteria
Synopsis: During one of his many stand up specials comedian George Carlin offered a glimpse into what has turned out to happen since the covid pandemic started. Almost as if he was commenting from present day. » Simple Caps

Freedom Given Up By Americans Slaver Mask

Joseph McCarthy 121721 Got Jesus?

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