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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Dr. J. Vernon McGee: Thru The Bible Q&A 👍🏻

Thru The Bible Banner Dr. J. Vernon McGee
This Week’s Questions & Answers Re-Aired January 29, 2022
These Questions & Answers originally aired on Thru The Bible radio beginning in 1967 until Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s death 33 years ago on December 1, 1988.

This Week’s Questions & Answers
1) Who is the “rock” in Matthew 16:18?

2) When Jesus was in the grave where was His Spirit?

3) Does Ephesians 2:11-13 indicate that in the Old Testament one had to be a Jew to be saved?

4) Do you believe that Christians are over using the word “burden”?

5) Should Christians pray for sinners? If so, how should we pray?

6) Can you explain the doctrine of sanctification as taught in the Nazarene and Holiness churches?

7) Do Christians have to give an account of every sin we’ve committed when we get to heaven?

8) How do we know that Simon Peter was crucified upside down?

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