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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Nabataeans and the Magi Wise Men visiting Jesus

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Synopsis: The Nabateans are the lost nomad tribe that built a magnificent empire, including the hidden city of Petra. In this video, we visit one of the ruins of Nabataean cities, lying at the heart of the trade route, the ancient city of Avdat.

But here’s the problem. The Nabateans appeared only for a few centuries in human history. Shortly after the 4th century, they magically vanished, leaving only ruins behind them. This left historians with many great questions. But some believe they are the very wise men who came to visit Jesus after his birth!

So who were the Nabataeans they? Could they be linked to the birth of Jesus? And what had caused their disappearance?

Join us in this adventure to find out a little more about this mysterious tribe!

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