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Friday, February 4, 2022

Daily News Briefs Roundup February 4, 2022

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Now The End Begins
After Years Of Censoring Christians And Conservatives, Is Anyone Surprised That People Are Leaving Facebook In Droves For Sites Like Tik Tok?
By Geoffrey Grider — Bad news, Mark Zuckerberg. People aren’t really interested in Facebook censorship anymore — let alone your metaverse fever dream. Facebook stock lost $200 billion in value in one of the biggest stock drops in history, as users flee for Tik Tok.

Today, hundreds of millions of ex-Facebook users are wildly cheering one of the biggest stock market collapses of a single company in modern times, a $200 billion devaluation of Meta formerly known as Facebook. Why did Facebook Meta stock crash so hard? Because so many users have fled fascist Facebook for places that don’t censor, ban and suspend you for having a differing opinion like Tik Tok and others. If Facebook disappeared from the planet tomorrow, that’d be fine with me. But don’t go getting your hopes up just yet.

“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11 (KJV)

Companies like Facebook Meta, Google, Amazon and even Elon Musk are part of the prophesied coming kingdom of Antichrist, and as such, I fully expect to see Facebook showing record profits in a relatively short period of time. But after having our NTEB Facebook page unpublished last month with its hundreds of thousands of followers, I am going to sit back, pour myself of steaming hot cup o’ joe, and enjoy this little victory against the tyrant Zuckerberg. » Full Article

DW News
Meta Shares Sink More Than 20% As Facebook Loses Daily Users
Synopsis: Shares of Facebook's parent company Meta plunged more than 20% late on Wednesday after the social media company posted a weaker-than-expected forecast. Facebook’s global daily active users declined from the previous quarter for the first time. » DW News

Frontpage Mag — By FPM Editor/Daniel Greenfield

Geller Report — By Pamela Geller

Jihad Watch — By Robert Spencer

The Stew Peters Show
Military Set to CRUSH Truckers, Doctor PHYSICALLY Removing Patients from Killer Hospitals
Synopsis: The Canadian trucker convoy started as a protest. Now, it’s practically brought the Canadian government to its knees. The Covid tyrants in Ottawa are coming unglued. So they’re getting more aggressive. In Parliament, Canada’s pathetic, fake “conservative” party threw out their leader for even meeting with the Truckers. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent a representative of the Crown to meet with truckers in an eerie scene, something that looks like war games, something that reminds us of a horrific movie or a recreation of the genocidal events in our world's history. This and much more! » Stew Peters

The Last Refuge — By Sundance

Canada Free Press — By Judi McLeod

Natural News — By Lance D Johnson

The Ben Armstrong Show
DOD and NIH Are Fraudulently Changing DOD Data After 3 Whistleblowers Expose The Vaccine!
Synopsis: After Whistleblower information was presented to Senator Ron Johnson, the NIH and some in the DOD are scrambling to cover up the data that incriminates government officials. Even though Senator Ron Johnson ordered them to preserve the records, they are committing fraud to change the data. » Ben Armstrong

Sara A. Carter — By Staff Writer

Lisa Haven — Video Runtime 12:30 Minutes 📺 👀

LifeNews.com — By Steven Ertelt

The Alex Jones Show
OAN’S Pearson Sharp Breaks Down Vaccine Lunacy
Synopsis: Pearson Sharp of https://www.oann.com/category/pearsonsharpreports/ breaks down the vaccine lunacy infecting society today. » Alex Jones

SHTFplan.com — By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead

The Right Scoop — By Editor

Newsmax TV — Video Runtime 6:16 Minutes 📺 👀

Health Ranger Report
“Joemicron” Biden Variant Has Unleashed An Economic PLAGUE Upon The Nation

WND — By Joseph Farah

100 Percent Fed Up — By Adam Wilson

Forbes Breaking News — Video Runtime 1:04 Minutes 📺 👀

Dr Steve Turley
Why You Never Mess With
Elite Special Forces

CBN News — By Steve Warren

MRCTV — Video Runtime 5:56 Minutes 📺 👀

All News Pipeline — By Justin O. Smith

Stranger Than Fiction News
Vaccine Side Effects Augmented By
5G Cell Towers

Breitbart — By Joel B. Pollak

The Gateway Pundit — By Jim Hoft

The Economic Collapse — By Michael Snyder

SkyWatch TV
What Will You Do When The Fog Of War Hits And Confusion Sets In?!
Synopsis: What will you do when the fog of war hits and confusion sets in? Will you fall into bad habits. What if your center of gravity is not the LORD JESUS CHRIST? You will be left to grope in the darkness in the midst of chaos! Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson offer powerful insights on this very topic. Watch important show right now! » SkyWatch TV

Liberal Hivemind — Video Runtime 9:05 Minutes 📺 👀

American Military News — By Liz George

Colion Noir — Video Runtime 5:43 Minutes 📺 👀

. Think On This Banner
George Carlin Predicts Covid Hysteria
Synopsis: During one of his many stand up specials comedian George Carlin offered a glimpse into what has turned out to happen since the covid pandemic started. Almost as if he was commenting from present day. » Simple Caps

Freedom Given Up By Americans Slaver Mask

Joseph McCarthy 121721

Veteran Brigades

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