Wednesday, May 25, 2022

13 Reasons for Eternal Security (OSAS)

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Synopsis: Dr. Andy Woods takes the strong position for a completely eternally secure salvation. He hereby distances himself from the more prominent views among Calvinists and Arminians, that respectively teach that one was either never saved to begin with and we can never know if we are saved until we find out at the judgment (the Calvinist's point of view), or that we can be saved but can somehow lose it (the Arminian point of view). In an exhaustive course, dr. Woods takes us through all the objections that people may have to the doctrine of eternal security, also known as OSAS (Once Saved, Always Saved) and simply rebuts all their "proof texts" by showing them in their right context.

This action packed clip is merely the global outline of 52 exhaustive sermons, that he gave prior to this. So if you would like to debunk him on one or more of these arguments, make sure you first watch his rebuttal of your favorite "proof text" by looking it up in this playlist below :)

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