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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Daily News Briefs Roundup May 18, 2022

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And We Know
FBI Agents Flipped/working With DURHAM! Twitter Exposed AGAIN! PA WIN!
Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” » And We Know

Now The End Begins
Spiritually-Dead Americans Are Much More Concerned With The Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial Than They Are Gas Prices, Inflation And New World Order
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder — Americans are grappling with soaring inflation, the ongoing pandemic and the likely overturn of Roe v. Wade, but they are interested in one issue above all else – Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Remember when the pandemic started, how everyone was looking for the Mark of the Beast in the vaccines, and cataloguing every moment of the New World Order rising over the globe? Well, here we are on Day 793 of 15 Days to Flatten the Curve, and what’s the number one most searched topic? The defamation trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, could there ever be a more useless subject of discussion? Stay asleep, America, it’ll all be over soon enough.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell,
and all the nations that forget God.”
Psalm 9:17 (KJV)

One of the hallmarks of the Bible is we see God telling us, time and time again, that He has already told us how things are going to end, so that we are literally without excuse should we find ourselves unprepared for when the end comes. Take a look at Matthew 24:25, Isaiah 46:10, Isaiah 45:11, John 16:13, Mark 13:29, 1 Thessalonians 5:4 and in dozens of other such like places and you’ll see what I mean. For the born again Christian, being unprepared means not being ready for your works to go through the fires of the Judgment Seat of Christ, and losing rewards. For the lost person, being unprepared means spending eternity with you burning in the endless fires of Hell. Why don’t you turn the internet off for a moment while you decide how important it is to you to be prepared for what comes next, because it’s absolutely coming. » Read Full Article at NTEB

Frontpage Mag — By Michael Cutler
On May 15, 2022 Fox News reported, The end of Title 42 will create ‘chaos all across the border,' former ICE director warns. That report began with the following:

Geller Report — By Pamela Geller
Attention citizen journalists, start reading. Expose these corrupt traitors.

Jihad Watch — By Robert Spencer
The bishop had been debating Muslims for four days before he was attacked. The attack was one way for the Muslims to drive their point home that some of them evidently found more effective than tactic involving reason and rhetoric.

The Watchman With Erick Stakelbeck
Israel Simulates MASSIVE Iran Strike; Sends Ukraine Helmets & Vests
Watchman Newscast Synopsis: Practice for a wide scale ATTACK on Iran? On today's Watchman Newscast Livestream, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down Israel’s efforts to prepare a credible military threat against Tehran’s nuclear facilities. Plus, Israeli officials increase critical aid to Ukraine amid strained relations with Russia. How will Vladimir Putin respond? » The Watchman With Erick Stakelbeck

The Last Refuge — By Sundance
Elon Musk has publicly announced today he can no longer vote for Democrat candidates and will instead vote for Republican candidates. This is a rather bold move for a man who is now putting himself in the forefront of the modern Democrat hate furnace.

Canada Free Press — By Judi McLeod
Meanwhile, talk is cheap because the only way to stop Klaus Schwab’s takeover of North America is to pull out his teleprompter plug. Then “we will have everything and be happy.”

Natural News — By Ethan Huff
The world’s second-largest wheat producer has banned exports of the crop from here on out as prices continue to rise and a massive heatwave is destroying crops. Indian officials announced the ban on Saturday, just a few days after claiming the country was on target to see record shipments this year. They say it is needed because of record temperatures ruining wheat still in the ground coupled with rising inflation.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Bad Things Are Still To Come From the Vaccine Warns Dr. Mercola and Dr. Seneff
Synopsis: Unintended consequences from the vaccine could still be on their way. Only time will tell if these warnings will come true or not. » Ben Armstrong

Bare Naked Islam — By Editor
Nigerian police dispersed an angry crowd searching for a woman they accused of making a blasphemous comment against the prophet Muhammad. The protest took place days after another woman was accused of blasphemy and was killed by a mob in northwestern Sokoto.

Jim Crenshaw — Video Runtime 1:39 Minutes 📺 👀
See this lady is gladly cooperating...NOT!! Hundreds of volunteers every day the China way. Simple!? Safe!? Effective!? You do realize our demonic, satanic government and politicians have been applauding the Chinese for the expert way they are handling Covid right? Cheers Comrade!

LifeNews.com — By Steven Ertelt
The Department of Homeland Security has released a very concerning new report showing that radical abortion activists plan to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their law clerks once the decision overturning Roe v. Wade is released. The report indicates these pro-abortion extremists will also target churches and other places of worship with violence and vandalism.

Bannons War Room
Michele Bachmann: W.H.O. Vote Threatens U.S. Sovereignty
Synopsis: The Biden administration appears to be prepared to hand control of America’s national sovereignty over to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), as Michelle Bachmann explains on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. (FPM)
» Bannons War Room

SHTFplan.com — By G. Keith Smith, MD
While the Free Market Medical Association [FMMA] is made up of buyers, sellers, and intermediaries, we decided this year to focus primarily on buyers. That decision inspired the remarks I’ll make today. We have always believed that the growth of this movement hinged on an empowered, enlightened, and red-pilled buyer. The seller’s then forced to accommodate buyer preferences.

The Right Scoop — By Editor
George W. Bush just made the gaffe of a lifetime while speaking about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Just watch

MithChronicler — Video Runtime 6:19 Minutes 📺 👀
There's so much craziness coming out of Shanghai right now. It's horrible but definitely worth being aware of. We CANNOT let this happen in our countries!

Health Ranger Report
America Will Soon Become ACTIVE WAR ZONE With Radiological Attacks
Synopsis: Today’s Situation Update is one of the most impactful I’ve recorded in a while. It gets really intense in the last 15 minutes or so, as I’m covering the dirty bomb drills now taking place in Austin, Texas. » Health Ranger Report

WND — By Art Moore
On Wednesday, the last state to try to impose a school vaccine mandate gave up after testimony by Dr. Robert Malone and others. But in a video interview with WND (embedded below), the medical scientist said it amounted to "winning one small skirmish" in "a protracted battle" amid the news this week that the FDA has approved COVID booster shots for children and the Biden administration's proposal to give the World Health Organization the authority to declare a health emergency in the United States.

100 Percent Fed Up — By Amber Crawford
The Biden Regime has announced that its ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ is being “paused” as the Department of Homeland Security decides whether to continue with this ridiculous new sector or just scrap it entirely. At a press briefing on Wednesday, new White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked some great questions by reporter Peter Doocy about the suspension of this “Ministry of Truth” program.

Lionel Nation — Video Runtime 42:40 Minutes 📺 👀
If you think you're going to even approximate the truth regarding the Buffalo tragedy or the Russo-Ukrainian military op on social media platforms you're sadly mistaken. Let me show you reality. Subscribe now at https://bit.ly/3kveTeh for unapologetic reality and naked truth.

Dr Steve Turley
HUGE Ultra-MAGA WINS in GOP Primaries across the Nation!!!
Synopsis: I’m coming to you from beautiful Pennsylvania where I had the honor of speaking at Senator Doug Mastriano’s victory celebration event last night; and I wanted to give you a quick assessment of what that was like! » Dr Steve Turley

CBN News — By Tré Goins-Phillips, Faithwire
On April 8, a 15-year-old girl went to an NBA game with her dad. It was 10 days before he saw his daughter again. The teenager from North Richland Hills, Texas, was at a Dallas Mavericks game with her father at the American Airlines Center in Dallas when she went to the bathroom right before halftime, according to KVUE-TV. Surveillance footage seen later that night showed the girl leaving the arena with a man, never returning to her seat at the game.

The New Amemrican — Video Runtime 13:05 Minutes 📺 👀
A biblical worldview is becoming increasingly rare in America and that is in large part due to the education system, explained Nehemiah Institute founder and chief Dan Smithwick in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine's Alex Newman. Smithwick, who developed the PEERS test to understand worldview, has been studying this subject for decades. And he found that some Christian schools do far better than others in instilling a biblical worldview in students. Smithwick said churches and pastors must address this crisis immediately.

All News Pipeline — By Stefan Stanford
With Joe Biden wasting no time at all following the horrific event in Buffalo to DEMAND more 'gun control', just as we've seen Democrat presidents doing time and again with Barack Obama doing the same thing numerous times following shootings, nobody in the mainstream media is addressing the 'elephant in the room': the very real probability this was a massive and planned 'false flag event.' While thankfully, a Republican state Senator from Arizona, Wendy Rogers, has done just that, calling the shooting a 'fed carried out event', we need to take both a look back at documented history while also looking at all of the bizarre circumstances surrounding that 'event' to see the truth that the MSM is hiding and most are missing.

Stew Peters Network
Clay Clark - Global Dictatorship Final Stages, Mark of the Beast and Never Running from Truth
Synopsis: Maria Zeee breaks down exactly what stage we are in with the Global takeover, which is nearing its final stages as we speak.

She is joined by Clay Clark to talk about the importance for believers and all people to not run away from the truth in these times. » Stew Peters

Breitbart — By Alana Mastrangelo
Nearly half of President Joe Biden’s 22.3 million Twitter followers are fake accounts, an audit revealed on Wednesday.

The Gateway Pundit — By Joe Hoft
The S&P 500 ESG Index removes Tesla from its ratings and Elon Musk responds. Those who control the index of S&P companies decided to punish Tesla because Elon Musk owns it and he’s pointing out Twitter’s financial woes due to reporting false information with the SEC.

End Of The American Dream — By Michael Snyder
Is it already too late to prevent this new monkeypox outbreak from spreading all over the globe? Cases have now been confirmed in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the United States. A few days ago I warned that this outbreak could potentially develop into something big, and that appears to be precisely what is happening. If you are not familiar with monkeypox, it is being described as a “smallpox-like virus” that produces some really nasty symptoms. In particular, the fluid-filled blisters that it produces all over the body can cause victims to look pretty horrifying. The good news is that monkeypox is not nearly as deadly as smallpox. The death rate for smallpox in humans can be as high as 30 percent, but the death rate for monkeypox is usually far lower.

SkyWatch TV – ‘Five in Ten’
Media Describes Surrender as
“Ending Combat Mission”
Synopsis: The New York Times and other corporate media outlets described the surrender of troops holed up at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol as the end of Ukraine’s “combat mission” there.

5) Western media spin on the war in Ukraine; 4) Gasoline over $4 a gallon in all 50 states for first time ever; 3) Israel prepares for Lag B’Omer celebration on Mount Meron one year after tragedy; 2) Disney’s favorability rating with public drops over the last year from 77% to just 33%; 1) Medieval manuscripts reveal terrifying images of killer bunnies. » SkyWatch TV

Mark Dice — Video Runtime 3:15 Minutes 📺 👀
Professor Mark Dice openly discusses what Critical Race Theory really is, and why the Democrats are using it.

Blaze Media — By Alex Nitzberg
A woman faced backlash on Wednesday after tweeting that she would prefer having an abortion over giving birth to a brown baby who then gets "adopted by white evangelicals."

Golden State Times — Video Runtime 5:36 Minutes 📺 👀
The Fake News Media is working overtime to make sure Biden is not blamed for the out-of-control prices of Gasoline! Texas Senator Ted Cruz is NOT having.

. Think On This Banner
George Carlin Predicts Covid Hysteria
Synopsis: During one of his many stand up specials comedian George Carlin offered a glimpse into what has turned out to happen since the covid pandemic started. Almost as if he was commenting from present day. » Simple Caps

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