Friday, June 3, 2022

Daily News Briefs Roundup June 3, 2022

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Now The End Begins
MURDER INC: Biden White House Announces Plan To Begin Injecting Children Under 5-Years Old With COVID mRNA Gene Editing Technology
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder — The White House laid out the federal government’s plans to make the first COVID-19 vaccines available for very young children. They tell us that the COVID vaccines are ‘safe and effective’, so explain this to me. The president of the Spanish pharmaceutical company PharmaMar is one of the over 2,200 people listed by Spanish police as having purchased fake coronavirus vaccination documents. The president of a major pharmaceutical company terrified to take the jab, imagine that. How many of the others are faking it? Now the Biden White House has announced they will start injecting children under the age of 5 right after the ‘Juneteenth holiday’ next week. If you are a parent of a youngster, will you be allowing them to inject your precious child?

“And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42 (KJV)

Someone asked me a little while ago, did I think that a Christian should get a fake COVID vaccination passport, I said that no, I did not think Christians should do that. We should use it as a witnessing opportunity to a lost and dying world that we reject their system, and will not receive the government injection which is nothing more than grooming for the coming Mark of the Beast. There is no reason on this earth why children that young should be injected with this poison, so this June, do two things. Protect your little ones from Satan’s 6-color rainbow, and protect your littles one from the government injection. You’ll be very glad you did both. » Read Full Article at NTEB

Frontpage Mag — By Michael Finch
Let me begin by painting a picture. Drugs flow across a lengthy and wide-open border, flooding into the nation, affecting millions, causing incredible misery, addiction, early death, and an epidemic of raging proportions. Aided by a government that is either unwilling or too incompetent to address the problem and stop this scourge. It gets worse. Drug cartels and criminal elements on both sides of the border make astronomical amounts of money, while foreign business interests reap great profits off the illicit and illegal drug trade. On one side of this equation, fortunes are made, while on the other millions suffer the degradation and misery of this endless supply of drugs.

Geller Report — By Pamela Geller
DeSantis goes from one great to another.

Jihad Watch — By Daniel Greenfield
A prolonged American Prospect whine about GOP community outreach centers in minority communities, especially the Lumbee tribe in North Carolina, includes this contrast.

Stew Peters Network
Twitter Condones Rape Threats "I wanna find you so you can carry my dark skin baby unwillingly"
Synopsis: "I wanna find you taking out the garbage or coming out of a supermarket, make sweet love without your consent so you can carry my dark skin beautiful baby unwillingly"

"Overturn Roe v Wade? When they do, I hope you're raped the next day and cannot get rid of your rapist's baby. You f**king disgusting pile of ignorant white trash" » Stew Peters

The Last Refuge — By Sundance
Former economic and trade advisor Peter Navarro appeared outside the courthouse in Washington DC after his arrest. [Two Videos] WATCH:

Canada Free Press — By Judi McLeod
It took Calgary Flames superstar Theo Fleury to shine a spotlight on what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing to Canada. It took Fox News host Tucker Carlson—not the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) or any other major Canadian news outlet—to give Fleury a leg up on publicity. Fleury, legendary on ice, played hockey. Trudeau doesn’t play hockey, he plays people and Tiddlywinks with the country of Canada.

Natural News — By Mike Adams/Ethan Huff/JD Heyes/S.D. Wells/Lance D Johnson
The Russian government is continuing its investigation into the United States military’s biological programs in Ukraine, and the conclusion it keeps coming to is that there is more than just “research” taking place there.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Everything is Backwards In America and It is Destroying Us!
Synopsis: Vaccines make you get sick, Printing money makes you poor, The government rewards lawbreakers. That and so much more in the video. » Ben Armstrong

Sara A. Carter — By Staff Writer
The baby formula shortage in the United States has led to an investigation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Health and Human Services Office of Inspector Geneal will begin to audit actions by the FDA beginning “with a September 2021 report of contamination and ended with a massive February recall of infant formula” reports the Western Journal.

Stranger Than Fiction News — Video Runtime 1:05:03 Minutes 📺 👀
Top Comment: The chemtrail chemicals rain down on our gardens…our waterways…everything. Enter a hospital…don’t come home. They have us in every capacity trapped. There is no way to escape this. The land is poisoned. Even if we could have farm animals and crops, the evil people will come and destroy it. We will have to try and run and hide…eat whatever on the way to nowhere until they find us. — By Ana Rodriguez Soto
Someone vandalized the archdiocesan Respect Life Office in Hollywood over the Memorial Day weekend, scrawling threatening graffiti on its outer walls. “This threat is similar to those received by numerous pregnancy help centers around the country in the wake of the national news regarding the Dobbs case before the Supreme Court, and the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade,” said Rebecca Brady, archdiocesan director of Respect Life.

The Alex Jones Show
VIDEO: Biden Declares Treasonous Edict To Destroy 2nd Amendment
Synopsis: Alex Jones presents video footage of Biden and other democrats attacking the right of American citizens to bear arms- an open act of treason against the Constitution of the United States. Survival Shield X-2 Nascent Iodine is back at 25% off! Take your cellular function to the next level today! » Alex Jones — By Contributing Author, The Daily Exposé
New figures published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics reveal the Covid-19 vaccinated population are much more likely to die of any cause than the unvaccinated population in England among all age groups. This is unequivocal proof that the Covid-19 injections have been and are still killing people, and patterns within the ONS data suggest it takes five months after vaccination for the deadly consequences to be fully realized.

The Right Scoop — By TRS Editor
The Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary is finally over and we have a victor. David McCormick has just conceded the race, which means Dr. Oz will go on to fight John Fetterman in November.

The New American Video — Video Runtime 13:51 Minutes 📺 👀
Disney doubled down on the "woke" agenda and the sexualization of children, even to the point of being dishonest about Florida's efforts to protect students, veteran Disney employee Nick Caturano told The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Conversations That Matter. Asked why Disney executives are doing this, Caturano said they were seeking to "create" culture and push the envelope. The goal is to undermine the strong families and faith that keep a nation together. "They are chipping away at everything that's good, at the innocence of children," Caturano said.

Health Ranger Report
USA DOMESTIC Food Production Now Collapsing As Fertilizer Runs Out
Synopsis: When the USA and NATO countries engaged in economic warfare against Russia by de-platforming Russian banks from the SWIFT system in March, it set off a chain reaction of world events that will lead to global famine and food scarcity panic. Fertilizer and the natural gas used to manufacture fertilizer are now in short supply around the world. Many prominent food producers such as India have turned to export bans (food protectionism) to secure their own domestic supplies, worsening global food scarcity. Rising fuel costs have only added to the problems, resulting in far higher costs of farm inputs across the world. » Health Ranger Report

WND — By Art Moore
In his primetime address to the nation Thursday night, President Biden declared the Second Amendment is not "absolute" as he presented eight gun-control proposals.

Earlier Thursday, members of his party reflected that malleable view of the Constitution in a debate during a House Judiciary Committee meeting on the Protecting our Kids Act. The bill focuses on banning sales of semi-automatic weapons to those under age 21 and banning high-capacity ammunition magazines.

One Democrat angrily spit out an epithet about "constitutional rights" when a Republican lawmaker appealed to the Bill of Rights. And another vowed to eliminate some of the checks and balances established by the Founders that distinguishes a republic from a majority-rule democracy.

100 Percent Fed Up — By Jesse Martin
The Biden Administration chose to further submit itself to China’s Communist Party in an address by Antony Blinken. Choosing to further submit itself to the whim and interests of Communist China, the Biden Administration’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken restated in an address that the US will not break away from the Chinese economy, nor enter any conflict with the genocidal Communist regime.

Dinesh D'Souza — Video Runtime 3:33 Minutes 📺 👀
The Left has lost their minds.

Dr Steve Turley
Woke and Weak Biden Desperately Tries to Save Dems from DISASTER!!!
Synopsis: Top Comment: AR15's....weapons of war ??? LoL Show me one country that sends their troops into combat armed with AR15's ........I'll wait..... » Dr Steve Turley

CBN News — By Staff
Two sets of Wisconsin parents are suing the Kettle Moraine School District in Wales, Wisc., to challenge its policy that allows children to change their name and gender pronouns at school without parental consent. On Wednesday, a Wisconsin Circuit Court judge denied a motion by the school district to dismiss the case. Judge Michael P. Maxwell ruled that the parents' lawsuit has merit, saying it "demonstrates a potential violation of their rights as parents to direct the upbringing of their child and is sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss."

Vincent James — Video Runtime 13:21 Minutes 📺 👀
Top Commnt: In Brazil nobody, besides the drug guys, have guns. Some crazy put fire to a primary school with alcohol.

All News Pipeline — By Stefan Stanford
According to this new story over at the Daily Mail and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, "Democrats 'know they rule illegitimately' and want to enact tougher gun laws to maintain their own power." Something we'd expect to see only in countries functioning under full-scale tyranny, we get warnings going back through history that must not be ignored, with Adolf Hitler's 'Night of the Long Knives' giving us a grave warning about where we are headed if Americans don't shut down this insanity, now.

The Watchman With Erick Stakelbeck
U.S. Intel Report Says Putin Has Cancer, Survived Recent Assassination Attempt
Watchman Newscast Synopsis: On today's Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck zeroes in on Vladimir Putin’s health. A report citing U.S. intelligence officials claims the Russian leader underwent treatment for advanced cancer in April after evading an assassination plot in March. As the Russian invasion of Ukraine marks its 100th day, could Putin be on the ropes? And what would that mean for Russia and the world—including the Middle East? » The Watchman With Erick Stakelbeck

Breitbart — By Ashley Oliver
Republican David McCormick was dealt a legal victory Thursday when a judge ruled that counties must count ballots that arrived by mail in undated envelopes in the primary race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. The ruling was made in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court after McCormick filed a lawsuit arguing the ballots should be counted. The ruling could potentially benefit McCormick in a race that remains too close to call, as McCormick has performed better with mail-in ballots than his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The Gateway Pundit — By Cristina Laila
Get woke, go broke. A book about drag kids titled “Big Wig” was promoted to children as young as 4. The book celebrates little boys who perform for adults while dressed in wigs, heavy make-up and dresses.

The Economic Collapse — By Michael Snyder
We have faced a lot of significant challenges in modern American history, but nobody will ever forget the economic horror that is breaking loose during Joe Biden’s time in the White House. For years, we were warned that the policies that our leaders were pursuing would destroy the value of our currency and unleash rampant inflation. Now it has happened. For years, we were warned of a looming global energy crisis that would inevitably hit us. Now it is here. But what we have been through already is just the beginning. The shortages that we are experiencing now will get worse. Many of the ridiculously high prices that we are seeing now will seem like bargains by the end of the year. And right now the U.S. economy appears to be rapidly slowing down at the exact same moment that economies all over the globe are moving in the wrong direction. The CEO of Goldman Sachs just told us that “there’s going to be tougher economic times ahead”, and he is not exaggerating one bit.

On Thursday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States reached yet another brand new all-time record high…

SkyWatch TV – ‘Five in Ten’
Media Admits Reality in Ukraine
Synopsis: The Washington Post this week ran a surprisingly negative report about the war in Ukraine, describing Ukrainian forces as poorly trained, equipped, and commanded. It appears the narrative is shifting to prepare for Russia’s victory in the Donbass.

5) U.S. to send rocket artillery system to Ukraine; 4) Israeli study finds link between COVID jab and cardiac problems in young adults; 3) State Farm reverses decision to back program to promote transgender books for children; 2) California issues report recommending reparations; 1) University professor claims concept of property is racist. » SkyWatch TV

Jim Crenshaw — Video Runtime 30 Seconds 📺 👀
More from dirty Disney. In case you didn't know this is one of Disney's first cartoons that featured Mickey Mouse creating cheese holes on slices of cheese with his erect penis. Not to mention Mickey is scratching his rear every time before handling the cheese. Their agenda has ALWAYS been the same. Get your kids away from mainstream garbage as soon as possible.

American Military News — By Ryan Morgan
A Chinese state-run media outlet published an article this week in which select “experts” called for countries around the world to sue the U.S. for gun crimes and racial unrest that they say is causing terrorism around the world.

Lisa Haven — Video Runtime 18:28 Minutes 📺 👀
Top Comment: Let’s remind ourselves that "man can make his plans but the final outcome belongs to the Lord" and "God is in control" Maranatha!

And We Know
HOW Much MORE DEMONIC TRASH Can We Take? Shootings, Jabs, War, Inflation, Lies!
Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” » And We Know

. Think On This Banner
George Carlin Predicts Covid Hysteria
Synopsis: During one of his many stand up specials comedian George Carlin offered a glimpse into what has turned out to happen since the covid pandemic started. Almost as if he was commenting from present day. » Simple Caps

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