Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Learning to Pray Using Scripture

John Ankerberg
By R. L. Wilson: Recently I was “assigned” the task of writing one or more articles about prayer. That’s a painful way to discover just how bad your prayer life is! But let me share with you the benefit of my ignorance, and maybe at the same time help myself!

So how should you pray? The key is more in attitude than method. Why are you praying? Are you trying to get something from God? Are you in trouble and need help? Is a friend or family member ill? Are you facing a big test or a difficult situation? Those are the times when we usually pray.

Or, are you praying simply because you want to get to know your heavenly Father better? Bear in mind that your heavenly Father wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to know you, and He wants you to get to know Him. But that kind of relationship requires conversation, not monologue.

Huh? How do you do that? I mean, you’re not going to sit there and listen to God talk to you, right? True in one sense. But in a very real sense, we can hear God talk to us—through His written Word, the Bible. This takes a little time, so settle in to a quiet place with your Bible in hand (and a notebook so you can write down what you hear Him say to you).

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