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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Miracles of New Age “Energetic Medicine” – Part 1

John Ankerberg
By Dr. Ron Rhodes: I recently came across an article in a magazine about a person who pulled a ligament in his foot during a workout. It caused pain throughout his entire leg. With strained effort, he made his way to an orthopedist, who subsequently informed him he might require some serious surgery—and it might take a long time to recover. Not liking that option, the person decided on a whim to visit an energetic health practitioner who specialized in a “healing art” known as the “therapeutic touch.”

This practitioner did a quick exam and then went through some motions, maneuvering his hands up and down the injured person’s body, about two or three inches above the body. He appeared to be manipulating and smoothing out some kind of invisible energy or force—much like smoothing a wrinkle out of a tablecloth. At one point, the practitioner shook his hands off to the side, as if he were shaking off excess energy no longer needed. He then said to the injured man, “Go ahead and try to walk now.”

To his astonishment, the injured person felt no pain at all. It was a “miracle.” He was healed! He asked the practitioner what he had done. He replied that our material bodies are just patterns of energy held together by our mental consciousness.

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