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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Miracles of New Age “Energetic Medicine” – Part 2

John Ankerberg
By Dr. Ron Rhodes:

Warning: Energetic Medicine May Be Hazardous to Your Spiritual Health

As I pondered what I had read in these books by Chopra, Weil, Siegel, and other similar thinkers [See Part 1], my mind—instead of “attuning” to these ideas—raised many red flags. For example, if we are really a part of the divine (as Siegel indicates), why is it necessary for us to buy books from gurus to find out about it? If we were God, wouldn’t we already know it?

And if all is truly a part of the “divine oneness” in the universe, as these guys argue, how is it possible for sickness and health to coexist in the first place? How can sickness and health be a part of the same oneness?

Furthermore, if we are already a part of the divine, then how can we get sick? Can any part of God get sick?

There seem to be numerous logical inconsistencies in the worldview these gurus are trying to sell us. These facts alone ought to make one highly suspicious about energetic medicine.

I smell “spiritual deception” beneath the surface of these energetic health models. So does Christian apologist Douglas Groothuis:

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