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Monday, July 11, 2022

I Am the Light of the World

John Ankerberg
By R. L. Wilson: We’ve all had that experience. We sit in the growing darkness of evening as we are busy reading, watching television, chatting with friends. Then, unexpectedly, someone comes into the room and flips on the lights! Suddenly we realize just how dark the room had become. Even worse, horror of horrors, now we can see the dust on the tables and shelves. We can see the dog hair on the carpet. We can see the crumbs from the snacks we’ve consumed. We are thoroughly embarrassed.

But now we have a choice to make. We can ignore the light and wallow in our blissful darkness, or we can respond to what the light has exposed. That is the choice we have to make when we are exposed to the Light of the World.

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