Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Saved by Baptism? (Acts 2:38)

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Synopsis: Dr. Andy Woods takes us rather quickly through John 3:5 and touches upon that briefly. I would advise to listen to his complete rebuttal of "salvation by baptism" which in the eyes of some christians can be found in John 3:5, in the following seminar:

Concerning the Acts 2:38 passage, Andy is more thorough. About 200 passages in the Bible teach that no condition is needed for us, other than to just believe (trust) in Jesus. Only a hand full seem to say that something else is also needed in order to be saved. Andy gives a different rendering of the Greek word 'eis' that can be found here, and finds his mandate for doing that in the rather similar passage of Matthew 12:41. This flips causality around and would result in a passage that would be in harmony with the other 200 passages.

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