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Monday, September 5, 2022

Dr. J. Vernon McGee: Thru The Bible Q&A

Thru The Bible Banner Dr. J. Vernon McGee
This Week’s Questions & Answers Re-Aired September 3, 2022
These Questions & Answers originally aired on Thru The Bible radio beginning in 1967 until Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s death 33 years ago on December 1, 1988.

This Week’s Questions & Answers
1) Should we stay in a church were we believe the pastor is not saved?

2) Who is the other Mary in Matthew 28:1 ?

3) Dr. McGee explains election and free will in Jesus’ comments in Matthew 11:21-23

4) When Jesus turned the water into wine was it alcoholic?

5) Does God answer the prayers of the unsaved?

6) Was there a male and female before the creation of Adam and Eve?

7) What will become of the United States in the future if it is not mentioned in prophecy?

8) Is listening to preaching on the radio a substitute for attending a church service?

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