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Sunday, September 11, 2022

NTEB House Church Sunday Service 09.11.22

  With Host Geoffrey Grider | Editor-in-Chief And Founder, NTEB
  Saved By The Blood Of The Crucified One,
Jesus The Christ!

Make no mistake about it, Jesus died on the cross to secure your salvation, but He paid for your sins with His own shed blood.

The Roman scourging of Jesus as recorded in your King James Bible, shows a type of punishment that can scarcely be believed in our day, and yet it happened. The principal action of the scourging was not simply to inflict as much pain as possible, but to remove as much skin as possible. When Jesus hung on that cruel cross, it was with a back that was flayed open right down to the exposed rib cage. The Romans weren’t just trying to kill Jesus, they were looking to humiliate Him before He died.

“In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth.” Acts 8:33 (KJV)

In order to make a payment for sin on the cross, a certain currency was required by God Almighty, the only kind He could accept, and that was a payment for sin in blood. But not just any blood, for the blood of bulls and goats can never take away sin, it needed to be eternal blood. Only God has that. So in order for sin to be paid for, God Himself had to be the sacrifice, and the blood He shed was His own blood. Take the blood out of the equation, you have no payment, His death alone would not atone for sin. This morning, I would like to bring you a message on the true story of Jesus’ death on the cross at Calvary, what really happened, and why God’s blood has the power to not only save your soul, but to act as a daily cleanser in your sanctification as well.

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