Saturday, October 22, 2022

Crosstalk News Roundup - Weekend Edition

Synopsis: With enough material for two to three programs, Jim Schneider shared what time allowed. Here are some highlights:

The House Select Committee on January 6th have issue a subpoena to former President Trump in relation to the 2020 riots at the capitol.

New UK Prime Minister has announced that she will resign from that position.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared martial law in four regions of Ukraine that Moscow annexed last month.

The U.S. government is actively selling potential surveillance devices that are directly manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party, to American military personnel and families on military bases.

The U.S State Department walked back remarks by President Biden questioning Pakistan’s ability to keep its nuclear weapons safe.

North Korea fired artillery shells near its sea border with South Korea late Tuesday.

The Biden administration is suing the Arizona governor for not complying with the administration’s demand to remove shipping containers filling in the border wall gaps.

The overwhelming majority of border crossers and illegal aliens bused to New York City from Texas by Governor Abbott remain in the city’s homeless shelter system that’s nearing a breaking point according to Mayor Eric Adams.

A group of House Republicans sent a letter Thursday to Democratic Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser calling on her to reject two bills passed by the DC city council, that would allow illegal immigrants to vote in the nation’s capital.

Los Angeles County Prosecutor Eric Neff said Chinese contractors working for a Michigan-based software company had direct control over U.S. election data through an app for poll workers called, PollChief.

These news items and many more.