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Monday, November 7, 2022

Dr. J. Vernon McGee: Thru The Bible Q&A 👍🏻

Thru The Bible Banner Dr. J. Vernon McGee
This Week’s Questions & Answers Re-Aired Saturday 5, 2022
These Questions & Answers originally aired on Thru The Bible radio beginning in 1967 until Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s death 33 years ago on December 1, 1988.

This Week’s Questions & Answers
1) According to the amillennial position are we living in the Millennium now and has all of Revelation up to chapter 20 been fulfilled?

2) What does it mean to “bind” and “loose” in Matthew 16:18 and how does it apply to the reference to the Holy Spirit in John 20?

3) Is baptism required for salvation?

4) Where is Satan right now, and what is he doing?

5) Is the reference to the Lord’s Day in Revelation 1:10 referring to the “day of the Lord” in prophecy or is it speaking of the Sabbath day?

6) Is it possible to lose your salvation according to Hebrews 6?

7) Does the warning against using the anointing oil in Exodus 30 imply that the plants used to make the oil are also forbidden?

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