Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Global Reset

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Synopsis: What we used to call the New World Order has morphed into a carefully planned system of control, well on its way to controlling the entire planet. How did we get here? And how did it happen so fast? When we hear that the World Economic Forum has been meeting for the last 50 years it makes us realize just how long these plans have been going on in secret. But the Global Reset is no longer a secret. It’s out in the open and on the verge of becoming reality.

We’re the Prophecy Watchers. We have a long history of working to bring the truth of Bible prophecy to an audience of Christian believers who may not have local access to sound prophetic teaching, based upon the inspired writings of the Apostles and the traditional doctrine concerning the rapture of the church. Though we don’t believe in setting dates, it is clear that the rapture of the church is imminent, perhaps much nearer than we think.

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