Sunday, January 8, 2023

Crosstalk News Roundup - Weekend Edition

Synopsis: Here’s a sample of stories from the early portion of this week’s program:

In 2022, abortion was the leading cause of death around the world.

The Biden administration just gave it’s OK for the U.S. Postal Service to ignore state abortion bans and send abortion drugs through the mail in all 50 states.

Walgreens and CVS will sell abortion drugs.

The South Carolina Supreme Court narrowly decided that the state’s ban on most abortions after six weeks violates the state’s constitution.

The Minnesota House Finance and Policy committee approved the Protect Reproductive Options Act. The bill would enshrine into state law a fundamental right to abort any baby until birth.

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen wants the legislature to pass an abortion ban.

The Idaho Supreme Court upheld the state’s near total abortion ban marking the latest legal success for state trigger laws after a federal right to abortion was dismantled last year. 

The 50th annual March for Life will take place on January 20th in Washington, D.C.

Former President Trump claims that the GOP’s underwhelming mid-term showing wasn’t his fault. He blames it on the abortion issue, especially by those that insisted on no exceptions.

6 months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and several months after the leak of the Dobbs decision that prompted a wave of pro-abortion violence across America, the FBI has yet to arrest a single person for attacking over 230 churches and pregnancy centers.

Vice President Kamala Harris took to Twitter and said she’ll fight for more abortions in 2023.

Hungary took another action to support mothers and save unborn babies from abortion, enacting a new, family-friendly tax policy this January that exempts mothers under 30 and mothers with at least 4 children from paying income taxes for the rest of their lives.  

The 13th ballot fell short for Kevin McCarthy for the position of Speaker of the House. Jim provided audio from Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Senator Mitch McConnell became the longest serving party leader in Senate history on Tuesday.

Metal detectors, first installed in the House chamber after the January 6th protest, were removed Tuesday as Republicans took control of the lower chamber.

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