Monday, February 20, 2023

John Haller’s Prophecy Update: Feb 19, 2023 – Upon Further Review

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Synopsis: In football, when something happens so quickly and without a good view, many referees will call for an official review. They want to make sure that what they thought they saw, after careful inspection, was what actually happened.

The same should be applied to spiritual things. We must ask if the things we are seeing are truly of God, or simply a distraction designed to draw us away from the things upon which we should be focused? And as with any official review, there will be a faction of people who may be offended at the final call.

You've been warned. John is going to dive in head first, and use logic and well-reasoned analysis of events from around the globe to discern what is truly going on instead of reacting emotionally and only on the feelings of what we want to be happening.

Get may get your toes stepped on, but these are the things we need to discuss.

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