Friday, February 10, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! February 10, 2023

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The Planned Destruction of America
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.

Now The End Begins
Ukraine’s Zelensky Gives Eerie ‘Sermon’ In Church-Like Westminster Hall In The UK Demanding ‘Jets For Freedom’ That Had Surprising Antichrist Vibes

Harbingers Daily
Worldview With Amir Tsarfati: Squarely In The ‘Birth Pangs’ Jesus Spoke Of

Frontpage Mag
Why My Synagogue May Change Its Prayer For America –
The U.S. Can No Longer Be Described As “A Beacon Of Light, Liberty, And Justice.”

All News Pipeline
U.S. Government Targeted Red States With Deadly Batches Of Covid Vaxxes

Geller Report
Democrat Bill To Vaccinate of Children Without Parental Consent

Prophecy News Watch
China Surpasses U.S. In Nuclear Missile Launchers; U.S. Unprepared To Deter Threats

Life News
New Mexico Committee Passes Bill Forcing Schools to Facilitate
Secret Abortions on Kids

The Washington Standard
Popery: This Heretical Political Pawn Right Here Advocates What The Lord Clearly Condemns!

Natural News
WEF Promises To Ban “Dangerous” Eggs Following Scientific Discovery That Eating Them Cures Covid Naturally

An Old Man In A Chair
Urgent Warning To Everyone
By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Health Ranger Report
The U.S. Military Blew Up Nordstream, Plunging Allies Into Energy Collapse

Greg Reese
The Covert Operation That Took Down The Nord Stream Pipeline

Jim Crenshaw
Many People Have No Idea Who The God Their Church Worships Is

The Ben Armstrong Show
Twitter’s Enemies Of The Constitution
Get Grilled By Congress

The Common Sense Show
After All The Biden Lies, The Real Truth Behind The Nord Stream Pipeline Has Come Out

Dr. Steve Turley
Fired Twitter Executives
To Be Arrested For Censorship!!!

The Watchman With Erick Stackelbeck
Israel’s Syria DILEMMA:
Stop Iran But ANGER Russia?

The Exposure Report
The Quantum. Why Are Some People Seeing Demonic Entities After The Ja8?

Jim Crenshaw
Klaus Schwab Re-Imagines
John Lennon’s Timeless Classic

There’s No Difference Between Lennon’s Original And This Parody.
The Parody Simply Tells You How Lennon’s Dream Will Be Achieved.
–B Whalin aka Linkster