Sunday, February 19, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! – Weekend Edition

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The Planned Destruction of America
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.

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News Roundup & Comment

Synopsis: Below are highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world. Stories included:

Four U.S. Troops Wounded In Operation To Take Out ISIS Leader

Republicans Slam Pete Buttigieg For Silence After Ohio Train Derailment

Ohioans Seek Answers After Massive Train Derailment Casts Toxic Plume Over Their Town

Two More Trains Derail In Texas And South Carolina On Monday

Two More Trains Derail In Texas And South Carolina On Monday

Americans Traveling To Russia Warned They Could Be Drafted To Fight War Against Ukraine

After Biden Sent $1B to PLO, Israeli Deaths Rose 900%

Biden Gets Nearly Clean Bill Of Health After Annual Physical, But Doctor Refuses Questions On Mental State

Nikki Haley Declares Presidential Run

National Guard Ordering Suspended Unjabbed Soldiers Back To Duty Under Threat And With No Back Pay

Australian Mother Denied Heart Transplant Because She Never Got Covid Jab

Fingerprints Of Unvaccinated NYC Teachers Sent To FBI

Dems Unite Against Bill Requiring Schools To Inform Parents About Transgender Kids

Pentagon Will Pay For Travel To Other States For Reproductive Health Care

Many Americans Support Killing Unborn Babies If They Show Signs Of Low Intelligence

Muslim Schoolchildren In London Sing Song Calling For Massacre Of Jews

Never fear, our God is still in control. Listen, share, and PRAY!

Now The End Begins
Thursday Was The Day! The Abrahamic Family House In Abu Dhabi Set To Open And Will Serve As The International Headquarters Of The One World Religion Of Chrislam

Synopsis: A landmark interfaith compound in the United Arab Emirates housing a new synagogue is set to open Thursday afternoon in a ceremony kicking off a series of events over the weekend. Welcome to the One World Religion of Chrislam.

Ok people, buckle up and get ready to fly as the international headquarters for the One World Religion of Chrislam opens its doors this weekend with a lavish kickoff in Abu Dhabi. Called the Abrahamic Family House, it is the creation of two of the most unlikely partners, Mohamed bin Zayed and Pope Francis. Their other collabs include the Document on Human Fraternity and a little something called the Abraham Accords. NTEB has been warning you about the One World Religion of Chrislam for nearly 14 years, and this weekend everything we told you was coming will arrive right on time in the Lord’s timing. This will be our featured topic on the Podcast on Friday, and Lord willing, it will be a stunner.

Harbingers Daily
Next Step For Apostate Churches: Conforming God To Their Gender Agenda

Synopsis: Even before the formation of the early church, Jesus taught his disciples to pray to “our Father in heaven (Luke 11:1-4).” He also said that “I and the Father are one (John 10:30).” But don’t let God stop the Episcopal Church from bowing before the altar of DEI and making sure prayers align with an inclusive, gender-neutral God. You heard that right. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the apostate modern church declares God can’t be male because he doesn’t have a gender.

Christian Observer
Damar Hamil: A Freemasonic Ritual

Synopsis: Hamil appeared at the Super Bowl in Phoenix donning a jersey that blatantly mocks Christ.

Prophecy News Watch
Chinese Communists Hope To
Erase Christianity: Report

Synopsis: Last August 25, several faithful gathered around one of the largest churches in China's Shanxi province to watch it dissolve into dust. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities had planted explosives inside Beihan Church, bringing its 131-foot-tall bell tower crashing to the ground. In a bout of déjà vu, the 10-year-old church had been built on the site of another church, which the CCP demolished in 1990.

Many Chinese religious systems believe in reincarnation -- but in Communist-controlled China, a cycle of destruction repeats itself for Christians, according to a comprehensive, 63-page report from ChinaAid.

The Chinese Communist Party has continued to destroy churches, arrest and abuse Christians, forcibly "disappear" clergy, prevent believers from expressing their faith online, and attempt to coerce Christians into proclaiming Marxist principles from the pulpit in place of the Holy Bible. The report's "partial list of persecution cases in 2022," broken down by province, takes up 20 pages.

Life News
Professor Says Elderly People in Japan Should Commit Mass Ritual Suicide to Solve Aging Population

Synopsis: A professor from Yale University has suggested that the solution to Japan’s rapidly ageing population is “mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku’” of the elderly. Seppuku was an act of ritual suicide among samurai in the 19th century.

Japan faces potentially serious societal problems due to its rapidly ageing population. Yusuke Narita, an economics professor at Yale and media personality in Japan, has made several provocative comments in which he suggests “mass suicide” might be a “solution” to this problem.

World Net Daily
Watch: Church Of England Leader’s Jaw-Dropping Bible Blunder – Video Shows Archbishop Of Canterbury Agreeing With LGBT Activists

Synopsis: A new video has been released by the Christian Institute in the United Kingdom debunking a statement by church leader Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, in which he appears to agree with LGBT campaigners critical of the idea of drowning children rather than letting them be raised to be gay.

The video features the institute's Simon Calvert and Christian author Matthew Roberts, and recalls a recorded statement from Welby who agrees with LGBT activists Jayne Ozanne and Peter Tatchell. Tatchell specifically claims that a church leader in Africa stated it would be "better to drown gay kids than to raise them."

Natural News
East Palestine Train Wreck May Have Created Largest Dioxin Plume In World History

Synopsis: The situation in East Palestine, Ohio, is much worse than the media is letting on, particularly as it pertains to the widespread release of chemical dioxins. The 14 some-odd tanker cars carrying vinyl chloride that were intentionally blown up released a massive plume of these deadly chemicals, which were spread far and wide, including up the eastern seaboard through Pennsylvania, New York and beyond.

Tens of millions of people stand to be affected by this dioxin release, which by and large appears to be the most disastrous dioxin incident to have ever occurred in world history. Water supplies, food crops, city parks, state forests – all of them stand to become toxified with dioxins due to this disaster.

Jerusalen Dateline
Aftermath: Operation Blessing Standing With Survivors In Turkey

Synopsis: Chris Mitchell reports on Operation Blessing earthquake relief from Turkey, President Herzog urges restraint in Israel's judicial reform debate, the Our Crowd Summit showcases Israeli innovations and Western Wall tunnel excavations reveal new spaces.

Daily Veracity with Vincent James
Ohio Residents Coughing Up Blood as Chemicals Spew from their Water While EPA Says Water is Safe

The Ben Armstrong Show
Intelligence Officer Warns About a Bio-Weapon That Could Take Out 60% of America

Synopsis: If our enemies attack, they will surely use bio-weapons with their tactical weapons. This is scary stuff but someone has to talk about it. Watch the video for so much more information.

The Common Sense Show
Is The WEF’s Diet
Being Rolled Out At McDonalds?

Dr. Steve Turley
Study Finds Christian Nationalism SURGING Across The Country!!!

The David Knight Show
Klaus Goes Bond Villain, Yet Again

Synopsis: Yet again, Klaus Schwab openly states a global conspiracy to enslave the rest of us with humanity. When he says "we" and "they" who does he mean? What does he mean when he says technology will be used to stop escape.

The Watchman With Erick Stackelbeck
Israel CONDEMNED by U.S. & Europe For Judea & Samaria Building Plans

Synopsis: On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck reports from Jerusalem on a stunning condemnation of Israel by Western nations, led by the United States. The Biden administration joined the UK, France, Germany and Italy today in condemning Israel for its announcement that it plans to build close to 10,000 new housing units in the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank. Israel’s announcement comes in response to an ongoing Palestinian terror wave that has seen several Israelis killed in recent days. Yet the West has released no joint condemnations of Palestinian terrorism, while focusing only on Israel. Watch now!

Health Ranger Report
Devastating DIOXIN Exposure From Ohio Train Wreck Burn Will CONTAMINATE Food, Farms And Families For YEARS To Come

Jim Crenshaw
Klaus Schwab Re-Imagines
John Lennon’s Timeless Classic

There’s No Difference Between Lennon’s Original And This Parody.
The Parody Simply Tells You How Lennon’s Dream Will Be Achieved.
–B Whalin aka Linkster