Saturday, March 18, 2023

Gospel Radio Bible Study | Aired 05.18.22

 With Host Geoffrey Grider | NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
King David Telling Us That ‘God Is My Strength’ In 2 Samuel Is Just As True For Us In The Church Age As It Was For Him

David was the greatest king that Israel ever had, and he is a wonderful type of the coming King who will sit on his throne for a thousand years of perfect rule and righteousness on this Earth.

When you spend any time feasting on the words of King David wherever they appear in your King James Bible, a recurring theme reveals itself over and over again. What is that theme, you ask? Why, it is the revelation of the character and nature of the Lord Jesus Christ, popping up when David tries talking about himself. This type of thing is just what you’d expect from a man who was constantly after God’s own heart.

“God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.” 2 Samuel 22:33 (KJV)

On this episode of Rightly Dividing, we are jumping into all of 2 Samuel 22 on our King James Bible study tonight, where we are shown the source of David’s strength and power – almighty God Himself. In the process of doing so, we are treating to some gorgeous pictures of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, stunningly revealed for us who are saved to enjoy. Yes, King David fell with Bathsheba, all the way to the bottom, but he took his lumps and came roaring back because the true source of his power was never himself, it was God. There is much for us to learn from David in 2 Samuel 22, not the least of which is how we, here in the closing moments of the Church Age, can get a ‘power upgrade in our daily walk with the Lord.

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