Sunday, March 19, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! Weekend Edition

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Cross Talk Christian Radio
Synopsis: With enough material for two to three programs, Jim Schneider shared what time allowed. Here are some highlights:

Silicon Valley Bank’s focus on woke economics rather than its core mission likely led to its collapse, but the moray of federal regulations that are available should have helped prevent that from happening said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In an extraordinary action to restore confidence in the banking system, last Sunday the Biden administration guaranteed that customers of the failed Silicon Valley Bank will have access to all their money (starting this past Monday.)

SVB Financial Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a New York court after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed last week upending the world of tech start-ups.

The Biden administration received a 3 million dollar wire transfer from a Chinese energy company and subsequent payments after President Biden left the vice-presidency in 2017.

Republican Representative James Comer revealed on Thursday that President Biden’s former daughter-in-law (Hallie Biden) received tens of thousands of dollars from a Chinese energy firm in 2017.

A crowd of migrants estimated at about 1,000 strong attempted to rush a border crossing in El Paso, Texas on Sunday.

The U.S. Border Patrol chief told lawmakers on Wednesday that the agency does not have operational control of the border.

Asylum claim appointments for migrants that are apprehended at the southern border are booked through the year 2032.

The Texas Senate passed a bill that would consider fentanyl poisoning as murder for reasons related to both prosecution and death certificates.

5 students were hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after ingesting what California authorities believed to be marijuana gummies at a school in Sun Valley.

On Wednesday at about 10:30pm, the previously firebombed Compass Care Center in Buffalo, New York, had their exterior sign defaced with red letter graffiti.

Assembly Speaker Robin Voss of Wisconsin held a joint press conference to introduce legislation to expand abortion in the state.

Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed a pro-life bill into law that protects unborn babies by ending abortion facility licenses throughout the state.

Another abortion facility goes out of business, this time in Pensacola.

A Russian military jet collided with a U.S. MQ9 Reaper drone in international airspace over the Black Sea on Tuesday, prompting U.S. forces to land the unmanned aircraft in international waters.

These news items and many more.

Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs
The Great Reject

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Joe Dan Gorman is the writer, host & producer of AWARD WINNING Intellectual Froglegs, the funniest conservative show anywhere. Unapologetic Christian. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. Began new career in 2011 - Intellectual Froglegs is like a one-man band... and Joe Dan is that one man. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.

Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
New TikTok Trend Of ‘Trad Wife’ Catches On As More And More Women Showing Interest In Traditional And Biblical Marriage Roles For Men And Women

It’s quite interesting to see how that, in this plastic and highly-artificial world we’ve created for ourselves, from time to time there is a stirring to return to purity and wholesomeness even if it’s just a temporary trend on TikTok. How well I can recall how different mothers were when I was growing up, and the strong emphasis placed on family and making a house into a home. That time period wasn’t perfect, but it was a whole lot less scary than life is here in 2023. I would much rather have a ‘trad wife’ who cherishes her husband than a ‘hot mom’ who’s overly-focused on self-care and self-love. Mary Hatch in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ comes immediately to mind, as does the Proverbs 31 woman.

It’s quite interesting to see how that, in this plastic and highly-artificial world we’ve created for ourselves, from time to time there is a stirring to return to purity and wholesomeness even if it’s just a temporary trend on TikTok. How well I can recall how different mothers were when I was growing up, and the strong emphasis placed on family and making a house into a home. That time period wasn’t perfect, but it was a whole lot less scary than life is here in 2023. I would much rather have a ‘trad wife’ who cherishes her husband than a ‘hot mom’ who’s overly-focused on self-care and self-love. Mary Hatch in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ comes immediately to mind, as does the Proverbs 31 woman.

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.” Proverbs 31:10-12 (KJV)

While we’re on the subject of social media and the Communist Chinese-owned TikTok, does it disturb you that people are now living their lives in group think? The influence and sway that social media exerts on the minds of people, especially young people, is astounding. The whole world is preparing itself for the events laid out in places like Revelation 13, where AI will create floating images that will speak and receive worship. In the meantime, the dividing line between humans and the smart devices that control us continues to disintegrate.

Harbingers Daily
Worldview With Amir Tsarfati:
Closer Than Ever Before To Civil War

By Amir Tsarfati: Shalom from Israel! Because of my very busy schedule, I don’t have the opportunity to spend nearly as much time on tours as I used to. But when I am able, it reminds me of what first drew me to becoming a tour guide so many years ago. Israel is so rich with history and biblical relevance. It is the key prophetic location for God’s future plans for the world. What a blessing it is to be able to share those truths with God’s people.

But even as I am teaching and answering questions, the reality of what is taking place in my country is not far from my mind. Not only has the threat against our nation from the surrounding states recently increased, but we are facing internal division that is unprecedented in the more than six decades of the existence of the State of Israel.

Prophecy News Watch
Surprise! - Study Shows U.S. Aid To Palestinians Increases Terrorism

By Ariel Kahana/ An Israeli nonprofit that studies Palestinian society has found a troubling possible linkage between U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority and the scope of terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Palestinian Media Watch released a study this week that analyzed statistics taken from periodic reports published by the U.S. Congressional Research Service, from 2011 (the year the nonprofit exposed the P.A.'s terror-rewarding pay-for-slay policy) through 2022.

Jihad Watch
Massachusetts Bill ‘An Unprecedented And Unconstitutional Effort To Promote One Religion, Islam, Over All Others’

By Robert Spencer: “Diversity, equity and inclusion” is inherently and in always and every case a gateway to the preferential treatment of the Left’s favored groups.

I joined Muslim leaders from across Mass. at the State House office of Sen Eldridge to enthusiastically discuss his bill establish a Muslim American Commission, SD.2376 An Act promoting the civil rights and inclusion of American Muslims filed with Rep. Vanna Howard.

— Tahirah (@tahirahaw) February 23, 2023

“Massachusetts Bill Privileges Muslims in State Government,” by Dexter Van Zile, Focus On Western Islamism, March 15, 2023...

Geller Report
New Gallup Poll: Majority of Democrats’ Side With ‘Palestinians,’ Support Hits Record Highs, Israel Support Plummets

By Pamela Geller: Democrat party of Jew hatred. The Democrats have had a problem with antisemitism for some time.. The left hates the Jews.
Rising Beast System Wants Every Man, Woman And Child To Be A Ward Of The State, Completely Dependent On Them For Food, Water, Energy, Security, Transportation And Shelter

By Leo Hohmann: According to multiple reports, Bill Gates is invested in artificial lab-grown eggs and has been since before the current egg shortage hit. No surprise there.

Gates is also heavily invested in U.S. farmland and lab-grown meat. He’s the single largest owner of farmland in America. He hasn’t ever explained exactly why he wants to possess all this farmland but we can assume it has something to do with making money, for that’s what Bill Gates does best. Make money.

Life News
Democrats Demand Walmart, Costco, Albertsons and Kroger Sell Abortion Pills That Kill Babies

By Micaiah BilgerSteven Ertelt: Senate Democrats sent a letter Monday to the largest pharmacy chains in America, pressuring them to begin selling deadly abortion drugs.

Three already have agreed to do so: Walgreens, CVS and RiteAid after the Biden administration got rid of safety regulations for the dangerous abortion drug mifepristone in January. Used up to 10 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion drug has been linked to the deaths of millions of babies and dozens of women. Previously, mifepristone only could be dispensed by FDA-approved abortion facilities, medical offices and hospitals under the direct supervision of a licensed physician. Now, women can buy them at a pharmacy or through the mail and take them at home without ever seeing a doctor.

World Net Daily
Biden Schemes To Eliminate Religious Rights Protections On America’s Campuses – Wants To Remove Rule Requiring Equal Treatment For Faith Organizations

By Joe KovacsArt MooreEditorBob Unruh: Joe Biden's administration is scheming to eliminate protections for religious liberty on America's campuses, by removing a rule created during the Trump administration requiring equal treatment for college organizations. A report at the Washington Stand notes that Biden is just "days away" from revoking a regulation that defends religious liberties.

Biden's Department of Education said it intends to wipe from the books a requirement that colleges give religious students' groups the same accommodations as other student organizations. The potential penalties include the withholding of federal aid to colleges that openly discriminate based on faith.

All News Pipeline
Humanity Will Be Wiped Out By Our Own Biological Warfare Creations

With The ‘Illusion Of Freedom’ Too Expensive To Maintain, The Globalists Established A ‘Global Kill Grid’ To Rush ‘Depopulation’ As We Head Toward 2025,
The U.S. Govt Making Bugs More Deadly

By Stefan Stanford: How many people reading this have ever been bitten by a 'tic?' With estimates of 476,000 people treated for 'Lyme disease' every year according to this new story over at Mercola which arrived in my email inbox Wednesday morning indicating millions of people are getting bitten by the venomous little creatures every year, that new story by Dr. Joseph Mercola is utterly alarming as it goes over a book titled "Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons" within which we learn the United States government has been making bugs much more deadly than they were originally 'created.'

Reporting within his story that in a February 28, 2023, Substack article, investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker interviewed the award-winning author of that book, Kris Newby, about the many decades worth of programs in which the U.S. government has been manipulating pathogens to make them deadlier, we learn that such secretive federal research being carried out on the American taxpayers dime may be responsible for the current ongoing epidemic of Lyme disease, with both Newby and her husband contracting Lyme disease while on vacation all the way back in 2002 and Newby telling Thacker...

Chinese Money for the Bidens And More!

Host Derek Gilbert: The House Oversight Committee revealed a $3 million payment from a Chinese energy company to an associate of the Biden family just after Joe Biden ended his term as vice president, and that more than $1 million went to members of the Biden family.

5) Russian warplanes apparently down U.S. drone over Black Sea;

4) Protests in Israel grow over proposed judicial reform;

3) More fallout from Tucker Carlson airing video from January 6, 2021 protest at U.S. Capitol;

2) Timing of revelation of Biden payment from China suggests that top Dems don’t want a second term for Joe;

1) Bank failures over last week due to Federal Reserve interest rates after years keeping them artificially low.

Sons of Liberty
With Host Tim Brown
NEW Leaked Footage Shows Dishonest, Unethical Montana Cops Collude Against Christians

Synopsis: Back in January of this year, I interviewed Jesse Boyd, his daughter Bethany and her fiance, Carter concerning their arrest as Christian missionaries in the state of Montana by some sheriff’s deputies. We aired video showing how the cops were clearly colluding against them to protect one of their buddies in the state. In this interview, I interview Matthew Boyd and Brandon Gwaltney who are a part of Jesse’s ministry team and air new never before seen video of the arrests, as well as footage of the man they encountered not only saying that he “beat the sh*t” out of Jesse and a couple of the team in hoodies, but also you’ll watch as the man and several others try to get their story straight around the men of the “thin blue line.”

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The Sons of Liberty is a politically neutral organization. We believe that the Judeo-Christian ethic has provided the principles upon which this nation was founded. It is our belief that these principles provide not only the foundation and framework for American government and society, but are also essential to the maintenance of a fair and just society. All content is based on a Christian, Biblical world-view.

Daily Veracity with Vincent James
A Structural Engineer Explains How COVID Was a Coverup for the 911 Attacks

The Ben Armstrong Show
Massive Excess Death Continues and Only The Vaccine Can Explain It

Synopsis: When will this excess death stop? No one knows, but it might not ever stop. Find out more in the video.

The Common Sense Show
The Oroville Dam Danger Has Returned!

The David Knight Show
FedNow Coming In July: A Major Step To CBDC

Synopsis: It’s coming in July. And its a big step toward CBDC. It’s the “wholesale” (bank-to-bank) version of CBDC that precedes “retail” (direct-to-consumer) CBDC. It’s unneeded since its function has existed in multiple private apps for years — which is why Elizabeth Warren & media are suddenly demonizing its private competitors.

The Benny Johnson Show
Biden Crime Family COLLAPSE! Joe EXPOSED As Boss of Criminal Clan, Lawyers QUIT! DOJ: ‘PROSECUTE’

Jim Crenshaw On BitChute
You’re A Vaxx Taker, Clot Maker, Life Breaker (Pat Benatar ‘Hearthbreaker’ Parody) 👍🏻

The Planned Destruction of America
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.