Sunday, March 12, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! Weekend Edition

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The Great Reject

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News Roundup & Comment

Synopsis: Below are highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world. Stories included:

Life Dynamics has announced that President Mark Crutcher, a fierce advocate for the unborn, has passed away.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News was given access to more than 44,000 hours of video of what took place at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. After 3 weeks of looking through the footage, he believes that he’s blown up several lies that the American public has been force-fed by the media.

The White House issued an award to Alba Rueda, a biological man, on International Women’s Day.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has chosen to mark International Women’s Day by issuing a statement declaring that trans women are women and that the government of Canada will always stand up to hate wherever and whenever it occurs.

After a contentious hearing of the Equal Rights Amendment last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is planning to bring Senate Joint Resolution 4 to the floor to remove the 7 year deadline during the month of March. Proponents claim this will give women rights when it actually does just the opposite.

Representative Mike Turner of Ohio says the residents of Springfield narrowly avoided environmental disaster after another Norfolk-Southern train derailed.

3 crew members were injured when a CSX freight train derailed in West Virginia on Wednesday, spilling diesel fuel.

Hours before Alan Shaw, Norfolk-Southern CEO appeared before Congress yesterday, another one of his trains derailed in Alabama.

On Sunday evening, a group of over 100 domestic terrorists marched on the site of a public safety training center for the city of Atlanta that is under construction and firebombed portions of the site, including construction equipment and a police vehicle.

President Biden proposed an array of tax hikes in his annual budget request to Congress that would dramatically raise the rates paid by corporations and wealthy Americans.

President Biden says MAGA Republicans want to defund the police.

Federal officials removed 9 boxes of documents from the Boston office of President Joe Biden’s attorney Patrick Moore, according to the National Archives and Records Administration.

Some FBI field agents wanted to shut down the probe into suspected classified documents held by former President Trump as early as June, but Justice Department leaders pushed for and ultimately got a surprise raid on Mar-a-Lago in August.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday that the Chinese Communist Party has the ability to control millions of Tik Tok users devices.

Former President Donald Trump is the clear favorite among declared and potential presidential candidates according to voters in a straw poll from the annual CPAC conference.

Now The End Begins
Pope Francis Names Pro-LGBTQ Jesuit
Jean-Claude Hollerich To His C9
‘Council Of Cardinals’ As He Seeks To Reboot The Catholic Position On Homosexuality

Pope Francis has named progressive Luxembourg Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich to his inner cabinet of advisors despite the cardinal’s rejection of key elements of Catholic moral teaching.

If you know anything at all about the One World Religion that will be in operation during the 7-year reign of Antichrist, you know that it has to include the Muslims and it has to include the 2SLGBTQIA+ crowd as well. Pope Francis ‘sealed the deal’ with the Muslims in 2019, and he just appointed the man who will seal the deal with the queers in 2023. Say hello to Luxembourg Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, a man you will be hearing a lot about in the coming months.

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” Daniel 7:25 (KJV)

Pope Francis is looking to ‘reboot’ the universal Roman Catholic Church to get it in line with the One World Religion of Chrislam. Cardinal Hollerich is not just sympathetic to the queer crowd, he is fervently passionate about them. He is a powerful voice for change in the Roman Catholic Church, and that is exactly why the pope just made him part of his inner circle of advisors. Just imagine all the fun parties they’ll be having at the newly-opened Abrahamic Family House. If you’re a Roman Catholic who says this will ‘never happen’, we have news for you. It’s happening.

Harbingers Daily
Worldview with Amir Tsarfati: The Loss Of Common Sense And National Unity

By Amir Tsarfati: Shalom from Jerusalem! Over the course of the last week, I’ve been engaged in a tour being led by my dear friend, Pastor Steve Berger. Teaching the prophetic word of God to people from all over the world never gets old to me. That said, I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few days. I can’t hide it – I am heartbroken! Earlier this week, Jews around Israel read the book of Esther in every synagogue. This came at the end of a day of fasting known as the Fast of Esther. This queen fasted and God intervened. The secret to Israel’s salvation was in an intimate plea for God to act! The more I see the political chaos in Israel, the more I can see why God will have to win the Ezekiel war for us. We won’t be able to fight. I’m lamenting the loss of common sense and national unity that was our strength and power against all of our enemies. However, I rejoice in knowing that, “He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:3-4). It’s good to know that when we can’t act as a nation, He can intervene! Remember, we may win the coming Ezekiel war. However, what comes after is described by Daniel the following way...

Frontpage Mag
America’s Crisis is the Universities – Crime, Treason, Riots, Open Borders And Our Other Threats Are Coming Out Of Campuses

By Daniel Greenfield “The source of our current ills – the lawlessness in our streets, the destruction of our borders, the racist ‘equity’ policies of the Democrat Party, the “woke” derelictions of our military leaders, can all be traced to the indoctrination of our educated classes in hatreds spawned by cultural Marxism.” –David Horowitz, ‘De-Fund the Universities!’

The Duke of Wellington reportedly stated that the battle of Waterloo was won on the fields of Eton College. George Orwell countered that, “Probably the battle of Waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton, but the opening battles of all subsequent wars have been lost there.”

Geller Report
206 Democrats Vote Against Free Speech, Oppose Bill Banning Federal Officials from Silencing Online Speech

By Pamela Geller: Now we have it. They’re on record. The Democrat party of treason have voted to overthrow the Constitution. Banning free speech is what Nazis do. It’s what the Soviets and the CCP do. We were different. We were free. No more. This should be a much bigger story.

Life News
More States are Looking to Legalize Killing People in Assisted Suicide

By Joy Stockbauer: New legislation seeking to legalize physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is on the move in several U.S. states — perhaps most notably Connecticut (with a 75% approval rating) and Minnesota (with a 73% approval rating).

Connecticut’s Act Concerning Aid in Dying For Terminally Ill Patients sets the minimum age at 21, while Minnesota’s End-of-Life Option bill extends assisted suicide to patients as young as 18. While both bills insist that assisted suicide will be made available only to individuals suffering from incurable terminal illness, similar legislation around the world has earned the reputation of beginning a dangerous slippery slope.

The Economic Collapse
2nd Biggest Bank Failure In U.S. History – “We Found Our Enron” – “On The Verge Of A Much Bigger Collapse Than 2008”

By Michael Snyder: The wait for the next “Lehman Brothers moment” is over. On Friday, we witnessed the second biggest bank failure in U.S. history. The stunning collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is shaking the financial world to the core. As of the end of last year, the bank had 175 billion dollars in deposits, and approximately 151 billion dollars of those deposits were uninsured. In other words, a lot of wealthy individuals and large companies are in danger of being wiped out. In particular, this is being described as an “extinction level event” for tech startups, because thousands of them did their banking with SVB. I cannot even begin to describe how cataclysmic this is going to be for the tech industry as a whole.

There is so much to cover, and so let me try to take this one step at a time. Rumors of trouble at SVB had sparked a massive bank run in recent days, and regulators moved quickly on Friday to permanently shut the bank down…

All News Pipeline
More Alarming Vax Data Shows The HUGE Benefit For Remaining ‘Pure Blooded’: Details
On Deceptive COVID Death Reporting - The Data Reveals Truth We’ll Never Get From The MSM

Synopsis: There is a difference between dying from COVID-19 and dying with COVID-19. The number of people dying with the disease may be significantly greater than those dying from it. A recent article by CNN medical analyst and Washington Post columnist Dr. Leana Wen made the distinction between dying from COVID and dying with COVID.

Dr. Wen writes that, according to Robin Dretler, an attending doctor at Emory Decatur Hospital and ex-president of Georgia’s chapter of Infectious Diseases Society of America, perhaps 90 percent of patients in hospitalized with COVID are really there for a poor health condition other than COVID disease. Since all patients are automatically tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection when they are admitted to the hospital, many are testing positive for the virus even though that is not what brought them into the hospital in the first place. When a SARS-CoV-2 positive patient passes away while hospitalized, COVID likely is listed as the cause of death on the death certificate, even though a SARS-CoV-2 infection was not the cause or even a contributing cause of their death.

Natural News
 Justice? Anthony Fauci Could Be Indicted On   Multiple Accounts Of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE

By Lance D Johnsons: Dr. Anthony Fauci oversaw the funding of coronavirus gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, and bragged about working with the Chinese scientists there. He has infamously argued that conducting such experiments on contagious viruses and increasing their potency was worth the risk, even if the research could accidentally lead to a pandemic. So, with the help of his colleague Peter Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance, Fauci helped subvert the ban on gain-of-function research, offshoring it to China.

Fauci then tried to cover up his illegal and unethical gain-of-function research programs by prompting leading scientists to debunk any inquiry into the lab leak as “conspiracy theory.” Fauci prompted the scientists to publish the paper, “The Proximal Originals of SARS-CoV-2” in February of 2020, with the intent to suppress inquiry into the lab leak theory and shame any scientist who investigated the laboratory origins of SARS-CoV-2. Even the former CDC Director, Robert Redfield said that Fauci and Collins froze him out of discussion on the origins of SARS-CoV-2. When confronted by Senator Rand Paul, Fauci went before Congress and lied about his involvement in this coronavirus gain-of-function research and tried to obscure the definition of gain-of-function research.

Wars and Rumors of War And More!

Host Derek Gilbert: China is openly preparing for war while the U.S. is entangled in the proxy war in Ukraine and Congress votes to keep American soldiers in Syria.

5) More war on the horizon;

4) J6 video disclosures this week reveal how far the political class is willing to go to keep power from the people;

3) Federal government has built an institutional censorship apparatus;

2) AG Garland admits pro-life protesters more likely to be prosecuted because they’re easier to catch;

1) UK reintroduces beavers into wild, discovers that they ignore zoning laws.;

Sons of Liberty
With Host Bradlee Dean
Governors In 18 States Opening The Doors To The Illegals

Connect With Sons of Liberty Radio Live:
The Sons of Liberty is a politically neutral organization. We believe that the Judeo-Christian ethic has provided the principles upon which this nation was founded. It is our belief that these principles provide not only the foundation and framework for American government and society, but are also essential to the maintenance of a fair and just society. All content is based on a Christian, Biblical world-view.

Daily Veracity with Vincent James
Gay Marriage

The Ben Armstrong Show
Washington D.C. Liars Seek To Destroy Tucker Carlson For Exposing Them

Synopsis: Republicans and Democrats who all hate Trump, team up to destroy Tucker Carlson.

The Common Sense Show
The WEF Is Openly Asking For Western Nations To Limit The Births From This Race

Jerusalem Dateline
Iranian Parents Outraged Over Poisoned Schoolgirls

Synopsis: Netanyahu discusses Iran's nuclear threat, international outrage over Iranian poison attacks aimed at schoolgirls. Plus, the passing of actor Chaim Topol, Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof and Natan Sharansky on Purim's meaning for each generation.

The Watchman With Erick Stackelbeck
Iran & Saudi Arabia RESTORE Relations; Israel to INCREASE Gas Exports to Europe?

Synopsis: On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down a development that’s sending shockwaves throughout the Middle East: the restoration of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia. What are the ramifications for Israel, the U.S. and the region? Plus, a top Israeli expert joins us to share why Israel is set to become a natural gas superpower and provide Europe a potential boost amid Russia tensions. Watch now!

Health Ranger Report
Spiritual Warrior Dr. Stella Immanuel And Mike Adams Have Harsh Words For The DEMONS Walking The Earth

Jim Crenshaw On BitChute
You’re A Vaxx Taker, Clot Maker, Life Breaker (Pat Benatar ‘Hearthbreaker’ Parody) 👍🏻

The Planned Destruction of America
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.