Monday, April 3, 2023

John Haller’s Prophecy Update: Mar. 2, 2022 – “I Am AI”

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Synopsis: World events are occurring at breakneck speed, and we, like you, have trouble keeping up with all the evil that is upon us, creating angst in the most stout-hearted among us. But thankfully, we already know how it all ends...with the triumphant return of Christ to set things in order, rewarding the faithful and condemning the scoffers.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Stand firm in your faith, and arm yourselves for battle. And if you are pretending to be Christian, get that vertical alignment right and let Spirit of God indwell you, gifting you with eternal life with Him.

Mankind is in pursuit of eternal life. Using Ai and genetic engineering, the world pursues immortality.

What it ignores is the fact that we are all eternal beings who will live forever. The only variable is location. Take care of your relationship with Christ, and even if you must endure trials of every kind because, in the long run, it won't matter.

The only thing that truly matters is the question of "Are you saved by the blood?"

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