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Perilous Times Are Here! April 13, 2023

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Artificial Intelligence Open-Source Application Bot ChaosGPT Is Prepared To
‘Destroy Humanity’ And Is Already Recruiting Other AI Applications To Help

AI bot ChaosGPT was recently given five horrifying tasks to destroy humanity, which led to it attempting to recruit other AI agents, researching nuclear weapons, and sending out ominous tweets about humanity.

In the book of Revelation, we see the False Prophet, a religious figure, making an ‘image to the beast’ which is Antichrist, and this image of the beast can speak and give commands. In the headlines today, we see coders and programmers interacting with AI bot ChaosGPT, and it is all-too eager to assist in the downfall and destruction of humanity. In 2023, the whole world runs on the internet, and the internet is about to run on Generative Pre-trained Transformer neural network machine learning, or GPT for short. There will be no way to get away from it within just a few months, and indeed it is already here.

“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Revelation 13:15 (KJV)

All dispensations in the Bible end in the utter failure of man, everything he touches he ultimately destroys, and this virtual world that man has created is, as I write this, preparing itself to rise up against us. I understand that the Church will have been long raptured by the time Revelation 13 is in full-swing, but brother, sister, we are getting a ‘slice of the pie’ right now. The platform from which the Antichrist will govern, what we have for the past 14 years called the Mark Of The Beast System, is online and operating right now. Are you saved? Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you want to get something done that’ll make it through the Judgment Seat fire? Then do it now, Christian, do it right now.

Harbingers Daily
God Sees Them Too:
Are Satan’s Earthly Accomplices
Getting Away With Evil Unchecked?

By JB Hixson: Frank could not believe his eyes. The scene was like something out of a movie. He had decided to go into the office extra early to get a jump on his day. It was 6:15 AM and the streets of downtown Cincinnati were still largely empty. The sun was just beginning to peek through the high-rise buildings and make its way down to street level. That’s when he saw it.

As he made a right-hand turn down Plum Street, he witnessed two men in ski masks jump out of a car in front of a Chase Bank branch and smash through the lobby’s plate glass window. They were robbing the bank! He instinctively hit his breaks, coming to a stop several hundred feet in front of the bank. He wanted to be certain he remained out of harm’s way. Then he quickly called 9-1-1 from his cell phone.

Prophecy News Watch
New Bill Would Have California Parents Lose Parental Rights At Age 12

By Katrina Trinko/The Daily Signal: In California, "stranger danger" may be about to acquire a whole new meaning. Forget warning kids. It's the parents in California who will need to be terrified of strangers if a new bill passes.

Snuck into AB 665, legislation ostensibly about extending mental health care to lower-income California youths, is a provision that effectively would terminate parents' rights over their kids as soon as they turn 12. The California Family Council warns that this bill "would allow children as young as 12 years old to consent to being placed into state funded group homes without parental permission or knowledge." As long as a mental health professional signs off on it, the kids can go to such a group home--and it doesn't matter what their parents think.

Frontpage Mag
Catholic Biden Hits Priests With Cease and Desist Order –
When Freedom of Religion Died

By Todd Starnes: Catholic priests who minister at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center were issued a “cease and desist order” just before Holy Week.

I warned you that a day was fast-approaching when people who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ would be shunned from the public marketplace. That’s why I wrote “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.” ... The White House needs to explain why a Catholic president would banish Catholic priests from a military hospital just before Holy Week.

Geller Report
Government Is Marketing Censorship Tools To Big Tech To Gag Conservatives

By Pamela Geller: Freedom of speech means freedom from interference, suppression or punitive action by the government. That’s it. And it is the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic.

‘The concept of political rights is vanishing. It is forgotten that the right of free speech means the freedom to advocate one’s views and to bear the possible consequences, including disagreement with others, opposition, unpopularity and lack of support. The political function of “the right of free speech” is to protect dissenters and unpopular minorities from forcible suppression.’ (Ayn Rand)

Life News
Health Care Workers Arrested After Videoing Themselves Assaulting Elderly Woman

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 2 Timothy 3:1-4

By Micaiah Bilger: Two Florida health care workers were charged with felonies this week after authorities said they posted a video of themselves on social media mocking an elderly patient with dementia.

The Post Millennial reports the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office announced charges against Shy’Tiona Bishop, 20, and Jada Harris, 18, on Monday after they were fired from the assisted living center Market Street Viera in Melbourne, Florida. They were employed as nurses aids.

End Of The American Dream
China Is Selling Off Treasuries As It Prepares For A Blockade Of Taiwan And A War With The United States

By Michael Snyder: We are closer to a war with China than most people realize. Right now, U.S. officials in Washington are deeply concerned that the Chinese may impose a full-blown blockade on Taiwan as the first step in a “reunification” campaign. Many Americans don’t realize that such a move would be a really, really big deal. If China chooses to blockade Taiwan, the U.S. and China would instantly be in a state of war. All of a sudden, the flow of high-end computer chips from Taiwan would completely stop. And all of a sudden, the flow of products that we import from China would completely stop. In other words, our standard of living would be radically altered for the foreseeable future.

But there are certain things that are likely to happen before China pulls the trigger on a military solution. In recent months, China has been making moves to reduce economic exposure to the United States, and one of those moves has been to sell off U.S. Treasuries. In fact, January was the sixth month in a row in which Chinese holdings of U.S. Treasuries fell…

All News Pipeline
Controlling Online Info By Force

The ‘RESTRICT Act' Is About Controlling Online Information By Force - Senators Backing This Dangerous Bill Want To Give The Executive Branch The Power To Bypass Congress

By Susan Duclos: We have spoken about online censorship, social media silencing content they do not approve of, Google demonetizing websites like ANP that doesn't follow the "authoritative, scientific consensus," but the 'RESTRICT act' takes things to a whole new level. Stefan Stanford recently described the RESTRICT act, otherwise known as Senate Bill 686, as an attempt at "controlling Internet content," in order to ensure that the "never-ending stream of lies that we've been getting from the government and the mainstream media for the past several decades at least will be the ONLY information that we're 'allowed' to get."

Read Stefan's entire piece at this link, because he has a great grasp on the damage this bill, if passed by the Senate and the House, then signed into law by Joe Biden, will do to all of our abilities to get the truth rather than the "official narrative." The so-called purpose of this bill is to protect Americans from "TikTok" (Chinese), but nowhere in the Summary, nor the Text of the bill itself, is TikTok mentioned, which should be a huge red flag for anyone reading the bill.

Natural News
Bombshell Photos, Video Of UN-Sponsored Human Migration Camp At Darien Gap Where Global Migrants Assemble For Transport To The United States

By Mike Adams: founder Mike Adams interviews war correspondent Michael Yon who is on site at the UN migration camp (San Vicente) at the Darien Gap in Panama, where both the United Nations and the USA are funding mass human migration activities to shuttle migrants from all over the world into the United States. Migrants moving through this UN camp include people from the Middle East, Europe, Haiti and China, among many South American citizens. As part of the interview, I was able to speak with a Chinese couple (in Mandarin) and confirm their country of origin (mainland China) and their destination (the United States).

If you’re wondering why Chinese nationals are pouring through the Darien Gap in Panama, you’re not alone. Very few Americans are aware of this bombshell story, and Michael Yon is breaking the news to a global audience, via (See photos below.) A massive expansion of the camp is currently under way, helping funnel more migrants across the Darien Gap where they will be transported to the U.S. border to illegally cross into the United States, all with help from the US Dept. of Homeland Security and the Biden administration.

Corporate Social Credit Score Driving Radical Agenda & 4 Other Headlines

Daily Veracity with Vincent James
The TRUTH About Conservative Media:
The Regime Approved Opiates
For The Masses

Hagmann Report
The Acronyms of Takeover

The Ben Armstrong Show
The Covid-19 Vaccine: Truth and Lies

Synopsis: Want the truth about the vaccine? Then listen to the ones who were right on everything from the beginning.

The Common Sense Show
American Communists Claim Another Victim And You Are Next

Dr. Steve Turley
Alvin Bragg Video Resurfaces As Democrats Panic!!!

And We Know
COVID Prediction True? Walls Closing In On LEAKS! Twitter/Telegram Under FIRE! Mountains Importaant

Sons of Liberty
With Host Tim Brown
Had Congress & SCOTUS Viewed This Video, They Could Have Saved Millions Of People!

Mike Adam’s Brighteon Broadcast News
Elon Musk waging war on Substack and Brighteon for some reason
One world government currency being constructed to enslave humanity
TUMOR nuggets galore as lab-made "cultured" chicken meat gets FDA approval
Hard-hitting interview with Tom Luongo on the Fed's war on Davos socialist authoritarians
Bombshell full interview and video tour with Michael Yon
Exposes the UN-created mass migration camps in Central America
These camps gather migrants from China, Venezuelan, Haiti and Europe and shuttle them to the USA
A globally-organized illegal immigration treadmill

Jim Crenshaw on BitChute
Doctor Explains How Babies Are Murdered During Abortions -
Everything Comes At A Cost

Synopsis: Yes it’s murder. Their body, someone else’s choice. Just like with the whole covid fraud. Someone else making decisions on who lives and who dies.

The Planned Destruction of America
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.

Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs
The Great Reject

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