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Perilous Times Are Here! May 16, 2023

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By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
Emmanuel Macron Meeting With Elon Musk Today In Paris To Discuss ‘Digital Regulation’ And 15-Minute Cities

Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk holding meetings in France today to discuss ‘digital regulation’ and 15-minute cities, that can’t be good

On his Twitter feed today, just about an hour ago, Emmanuel Macron tweeted out that “we talked about the attractiveness of France and the significant progress in the electric vehicle and energy sectors. We also talked about digital regulation. We have so much to do together. See you this afternoon at the #ChooseFrance Summit!” Well my, my, isn’t that an interesting pairing of people? The world’s richest man Elon Musk meeting with the one we call the possible ‘man of sin’, Emmanuel Macron. I wonder what might come of this?

“And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot; for it is sealed:” Isaiah 29:11 (KJV)

On this episode of the NTEB Prophecy News Podcast, the headlines are shouting today, showing us clearly that we are in Phase 2 of The Great Reset, and all the key players are quite active indeed. In America, the Transportation Security Administration is rolling out facial recognition systems in a frightening nod that’s stoking ‘Minority Report’ dystopia fears. The AI revolution that’s taking place is thrusting us headlong into The Singularity long predicted and feared by many. What are Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk talking about in France today? Exactly that. Today on the Prophecy News Podcast, the world is heading straight into the abyss your King James Bible has long told you was coming, and here it is. Will it catch you by surprise?

Harbingers Daily
Forerunner To The Mark?: EU Set To Roll Out ‘Digital Identity Wallet’ In 2024

By Hal Lindsey: The European Union says its “digital identity wallet” will go into use next year. It’s no accident that this forerunner to the mark of the beast will begin in Europe, the Antichrist’s home turf. In an article sponsored by the global digital security firm Entrust, Wired Magazine called the digital identity wallet, “The most ambitious rollout yet of a comprehensive digital ID system, combining security, compliance, and privacy safeguards for the EU’s 447 million citizens.”

Romana Jerković represents Croatia in the EU Parliament. A member of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats, she said, “With the European Digital Identity Framework, we want the EU to become the first global region with a governance framework for trusted digital identities. The Digital Wallet will become a reliable, all-in-one identity gateway that puts citizens in full control of their own data and gives them the freedom to decide exactly what information to share, with whom, and when.”

Frontpage Mag
Democrats Create a Transgender Child Kidnapping Network

Political Child Predators Take Custody Of Children From Their Parents

By Daniel Greenfield: “Trans Minors Protected from Parents Under Washington Law,” the Associated Press headlined its story. A short time later the story had officially been “withdrawn” by the AP. Withdrawing the story however didn’t change the facts.

Washington Senate Bill 5599, titled, “Supporting youth and young adults seeking protected health care services”, allows shelters where a child runaway shows up not to notify his or her parents. While normally, unless a child were suffering “abuse or neglect”, the shelter would be obligated to inform the parents between 24 and 72 hours after arrival. The new law adds minors getting abortions and transgender treatments as “compelling reasons” not to notify their parents. Once a child is listed as transgender, the parents are automatically treated as abusers.

The Organic Prepper
AI Is About To Be Everywhere

By Aden Tate: Do you remember when drones were first released to the commercial market? There was a lot of talk about the privacy implications of them, and more than one case of where people were flying them over other peoples’ property, looking in peoples’ windows, and more of the like. Now, drones are firmly entrenched in modern society and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve not only been incorporated into militaries throughout the world, but they’re now in search and rescue operations, used for photography, security, and more. During Covid, Baltimore PD even wanted to use them to enforce social distancing. You probably don’t even think about it anymore.

Now enter AI. AI is already all around you, but most recognize that ChatGPT ushered in a new era of AI. Right now, we’re all in the same stage that we were when drones were first released – theorizing about potential fears, costs, and what this could mean. But I would say one of the things that’s going to happen here is that it’s going to become mainstream just like drones did. What will the world look like when this finally happens?

Geller Report
Communist China-Controlled,
State-Owned Firm Behind Chinese Cash Allegedly Funneled To Hunter Biden, Documents Show

By Pamela Geller: The White House is owned by our most dangerous enemies. Filthy and filthier. The Bidens could commit murder in broad daylight and the Democrat media complex would cheer the bloodshed and our now weaponized (under Obama) law enforcement agencies would cover it up.

This criminal family should be doing life for high crimes and treason.

COVID-19 “Vaccines” Were A
“Colossal Failure” Worldwide

By Mac Slavo: There is not one part of the globe where the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines” were not a “colossal failure.” The safety data coming out after hoards of naive people were injected is nothing less than horrifying.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccines along with the new bivalents, are alarmingly and irredeemably unsafe, as well as ineffective for the advertised purposes. It is increasingly recognized by laypeople, physicians, and scientists throughout the world that the COVID-19 vaccines are neither safe, effective, nor reversible, as reported by The Epoch Times.

Life News
Trump Bashes DeSantis:
Banning Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts is “Too Harsh”

By Steven Ertelt: Former President Donald Trump is criticizing pro-life Florida Governor Ron DeSantis today. Trump says that the 6-week abortion ban that DeSantis signed that protects unborn babies with beating hearts from being killed in abortions is potentially “too harsh.”

As LifeNews reported in April, DeSantis made Florida the next state to officially protect the lives of unborn children after Roe was overturned last summer. Pro-Life Americans from across the country celebrated the new law, which protects babies whose heartbeats can easily be detected and whose lives have existed for a month and a half starting at conception.

The Gateway Pundit
Biden’s Open Borders Invasion:

Illegal Alien Tracking Map Shows Movement Of The Masses Of Illegals Across The U.S.
– 71% End Up In Republican Districts

By Jim Hoft: Heritage Foundation map of Biden’s illegal alien movements inside the U.S. interior. In December 2022 Heritage Foundation released a study tracking the movement of illegal aliens from their NGO launching point to destinations across the United States.

According to Heritage, of the 52 congressional districts with the highest density of devices, 71% were Republican congressional districts. Texas had the highest density of illegals followed by Oklahoma.

All News Pipeline
The Full-Scale Invasion And Overthrow

America Is Going Just As The Freedom-Hating Globalists Planned With Nothing But Lies Coming From
The Pure Evil U.S. Govt And MSM About Our Border

By Alan Barton: Oh no, not another column about our border, or about Biden. Really, it is actually about how bad the lies are regarding them both, or better said, about ones lies concerning the other. As is my wont to do, I shall begin with a quick story to give some reference; a quick wire frame to give this clay sculpture some kind of basic form you might say.

For over forty years now I have used a system to rid the yard of ants that works out wonderfully and is very simple and is pet safe as well. I don’t remember where I first heard of it but may have been on the radio or in some gardening book or the like. We usually get a number of breeds of ants, with the small black ones and even smaller sugar ants, the large black ones and large red ones and a mid size red and black type as well. Nothing out of the ordinary I assume, and often three or four types around the yard on occasion, and it works well on all of those types with perhaps the best results when red ones are involved. The system works on the basis that ants are colonies led by one Queen and do not like competition for resources. To find a way to eliminate those colonies is easy; just follow human history and instigate a war between them and watch them kill each other off. Easy!

Natural News
New Twitter CEO Is A Vaccine Mandate Globalist And Lockdown Pusher –
She Will Never Support Free Speech

By Ethan Huff: Since day one of the “pandemic,” Twitter’s new CEO, former NBCUniversal marketing director Linda Yaccarino, was pushing lockdowns, and later the “vaccines,” in full support of medical fascism.

Yaccarino, who was just hired to the top position at Twitter by electric vehicle (EV) icon Elon Musk, served as a chairwoman at the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Taskforce on Future of Work as well. She has long been a Big Pharma enthusiast who quite clearly hates freedom, whether it be medical or speech-related.

China in America’s Backyard

Host Derek Gilbert: The Pentagon is increasingly worried by China’s growing stronghold on Latin America. It doesn’t help that the U.S. has been without ambassadors for years in key nations like Panama, Chile, and Brazil.

5) China spending hundreds of billions building infrastructure in Latin America;

4) EPA announces rule requiring coal and natural gas plants to cut greenhouse gases 90% by 2040 or shut down;

3) European Parliament threatens to withhold funds from Palestinian Authority unless school textbooks remove incitement of hate, antisemitism, and violence;

2) Facebook quietly buried its metaverse in March and nobody noticed;

1) Herd of cows lead police to fugitive hiding in their pasture.

Wil Paranormal
NHS UK Nurses Hired As Paid Assassins
Midazolam Testimonies –Your Food Is Poisoned

Synopsis: Paid assassins (Nurses) killing off the elderly in hospitals and old age homes with Midazolam. Your food is being poisoned as pets and wildlife are being injected with the MRNA deadly vaccine along with store bought meat and vegetables.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Excess Death Continues Around The World and The World Invades America

Synopsis: Death, death and more death.

The Common Sense Show
Could A 60’s Sci-Fi Movie Accurately Predict America’s Immediate Future?

Dr. Steve Turley
Historian Makes Stunning Prediction for 2024

Stew Peters Network
Hispanic White Supremacists
Attack America

Synopsis: The Black Mamba, Chief Jarome Bell, and National File’s Frankie Stockes the Hispanic white supremacist shooter in Allen, TX, the overflow of disease and crime crossing the southern border and the mentally ill nutjob subdued on the NYC subway.

Paul McGuire
💥 The Motive Behind False Information!

Just A Dude
Uninformed Consent

Synopsis: A blockbuster documentary that lays out the COVID lie like none other that I’ve seen. Uninformed Consent tells the story of how friends, neighbors, employers, and family have been turned against each other due to government policies demonizing individuals for their medical choices.

An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who's controlling it, and how it's being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights while weaving in the impact of mandates in a deeply powerful story of one man's tragic loss.

Hear the truth from doctors and scientists not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma and the elite class who profit from mandates.

Written & Directed by Todd Harris, Matador Films.

Share this film - Our future depends on it!

Off Grid With Doug & Stacy
Don’t Listen To Your Friends,
It’s Happening Now!
Chemtrails Are NOT Contrails!

Jim Crenshaw on BitChute
Doctor Explains How Babies Are Murdered During Abortions -
Everything Comes At A Cost

Synopsis: Yes it’s murder. Their body, someone else’s choice. Just like with the whole covid fraud. Someone else making decisions on who lives and who dies.

The Planned Destruction of America
Welch Quote
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.