Thursday, May 25, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! May 25, 2023

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Now The End Begins
By Geoffrey Grider, NTEB Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief
In A Stunning Phase 2 ‘Great Reset’ Move, Emmanuel Macron’s France Has Banned All Short-Haul Domestic Flights Citing
‘Climate Change’ Reasons

The French government under Emmanuel Macron published a decree Tuesday banning short haul domestic commercial airline flights in stunning Phase 2 Great Reset move

What is Emmanuel Macron doing in France right now? The same thing he did during the pandemic when he demanded that all French citizens get vaccinated or face serious consequences, he is leading by example. What is he leading people to? Phase 2 of the Great Reset, and that involves the gradual but steady banning of goods and services that people have come to live their lives expecting to receive. What’s going away? Today it’s short haul airplane flights, a stunning move in itself, but soon you will say goodbye to your gas stoves, your gas-powered vehicles, red meat then all meat, and you will live in a 15-minute city. Think I am exaggerating? It’s already happening.

“Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” Habakkuk 1:5 (KJV)

Bit by bit, the process of implementing the Great Reset, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Agenda 2030 and the New World Order, is well underway, in Phase 2 in fact. Phase 1 was the Plannedemic, the lockdowns, the vaccinations and all that junk, and now that they’ve learned how much they can actually get away with, Phase 2 is energetically being implemented. Make peace with the fact of what’s coming, prepare as best you can for all the things they are going to start taking away in the name of ‘saving the planet’. It’s not so much that they’ll ‘make you eat bugs’, it’s that they are going to take away the beef, fish and chicken so that there’s nothing other than bugs to eat. Macron may be cancelling flights in France, but one flight they cannot cancel is our beloved Flight #777 which is on the runway with engines warming right now.

Harbingers Daily
Beneath The Banner Of The Woke: What The Pulpit Prioritises, The People Will Pursue

By Dean Dwyer: As a Christian who still loves to sing the old hymns, one of my favourites is “The Banner of the Cross.” It is one of those soul-stirring songs that reminds us that our time on this earth is not characterised by peace, it is characterised by war – a spiritual war.

The author, Daniel Whittle, served in the American Civil War, obtaining the rank of Major. Even after leaving the army, he was known as Major Whittle for the remainder of his life. Although he worked for a watch company after the fighting, in 1873 he became a revival evangelist in the D L Moody association. Although there is no written record of the inspiration behind the hymn, no doubt Whittle’s time fighting in the Civil War led him to introduce parallel themes into his hymn writing.

Prophecy News Watch
USAID To Coerce Governments Worldwide To Promote LGBT Doctrine

By Alaina Cothran/The Washington Stand: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) recently released a new draft "LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy" aimed at "championing LGBTQI+ inclusive development and the human rights of LGBTQI+ people as part of a coordinated, whole-of-U.S. government effort with our partners on the ground." If enacted, the policy would be the first of its kind for USAID.

Family Research Council submitted a public comment addressing several concerns during a short window when the draft policy was open for public comment until May 11, 2023. Among FRC's concerns is that it is fundamentally "inappropriate, counter-productive, and coercive" to "implement programs ultimately designed to change the mores and cultures of other countries."

Frontpage Mag
Department of Education Investigates Schools for Not Sexualizing Kids –
Coordinated Lawsuits Are Targeting Schools And Parents Across The Country

By Daniel Greenfield: Biden launched his 2024 presidential campaign with an ad attacking Republicans for keeping a book featuring a 10-year-old performing sex acts out of schools.

“’Lawn Boy‘, one of the books shown in the Biden ad, includes lines like, “I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goble’s d___ in my mouth.”

According to Biden, whose administration had previously colluded to investigate parents rallying against sexualizing schoolchildren with graphic materials like these as domestic terrorists, anyone opposed to having ‘Lawn Boy’ in schools is a “MAGA extremist”. While that assault on parents was stifled, under Biden, the Department of Education is launching a new attack.

Geller Report
Hundreds of Thousands of Non-Citizens PLAGUE Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona’s Maricopa County, Texas Voter Rolls

By Pamela Geller: Without election reform, it’s over. Nothing else matters.

The Democrats blew up our election system. But we are expected to participate in the Democrat media’s prevaricated election show for the next 18 months when the rigged election is already in the bag.

Life News
Biden Admin Tells Planned Parenthood How to Discuss Sex With Teens Behind Parents’ Backs

By Ben Johnson: As part of its month-long focus on adolescent health, the Biden administration is promoting a document that tells Planned Parenthood and other taxpayer-funded family planning offices how to talk to minors about sex without their parents overhearing, and how to secretly deliver birth control to adolescents without parental knowledge or consent.

Federally-funded guidelines instruct adults to pause before discussing sex with minors and to ask, “Are you alone in the room?” These instructions specify tactics to follow “if you’re really having a hard time getting a parent” to leave the room during the sex talk. They suggest children as young as 13 discuss sex with groups like Planned Parenthood in a parked car or communicate in writing, so their parents cannot hear the adults’ side of the conversation. And they encourage offices to have vans roam neighborhoods giving minors federally funded contraceptives; to mail birth control to adolescents in “plain, unmarked packaging;” and/or to have teenagers receive contraceptives at public meet-up places.

World Net Daily
School Board Defies State Law So It Can Force LGBT Ideas Down Kids’ Throats

“Parental Notice Will Not Be Provided, And Opt-outs Will Not Be Tolerated”

By Bob Unruh: Many school districts across the nation now are adopting mandatory LGBT indoctrination programs for students.

Sometimes described as "sex education," sometimes as "diversity," their common factor is that they promote the LGBT ideologies to young children.

The Gateway Pundit
Missouri v. Biden Lawsuit Discovery: Biden Regime Designates YOUR THOUGHTS as Part of Government Infrastructure

They Call It “Cognitive Infrastructure” and They Believe It Is Their Right to Control It

By Cristina LailaJoe HoftJim Hoft: The Gateway Pundit previously reported in May that then Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, along with Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, filed a lawsuit (Missouri v. Biden) against the Biden Administration, including Biden himself, Anthony Fauci, the Department of Homeland Security, and nearly a dozen federal agencies and Secretaries. Schmitt has moved on to represent Missouri in the US Senate.

The suit alleges a massive coordinated effort by the Deep State (permanent administrative state) to work with Big Tech to censor and manipulate Americans – from average citizens to news outlets – on issues including the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell, 2020 Election Integrity, COVID-19 origin and extent skepticism, COVID-19 vaccine skepticism, among other issues

All News Pipeline
Be Careful What You Ask For,
You Might Just Get It:

Sanctuary City Leaders Complain Loudly Now That They Actually Have To Provide Said Sanctuary

By Susan Duclos: For more than a decade I have written about illegal immigration, open borders and so-called "sanctuary cities," and for the first time, we are witnessing a phenomena that is pitting a liberal-run cities against a Democrat president, and it is a sight to behold. First off, what is a sanctuary city and/or state? It is a city or state that declares itself a haven for illegal immigrants. In most cases, the Democrat leaders of the city and/or state, forbid their law enforcement agencies from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to enforce immigration laws and deport illegal aliens. To understand how incredibly huge this problem is with cities/states refusing to abide by federal immigration law, there are 11 states that identify as sanctuary states and 181 cities and counties in 30 more states.

For a list of those cities, counties and states, they are all listed over at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), along with a map. As cities in Texas and Arizona have seen their resources depleted because of open borders as illegal immigrants are dumped into border states, the sanctuary cities shouted loudly and proudly that they would welcome the illegal aliens with open arms........ until red states unable to handle the influx of illegals, started bussing to said sanctuary cities states.

Natural News
Report: Doctors KILL More People
Than Cancer

By Ethan Huff: One of the leading causes of death in America today are the doctors, or more specifically Western medicine, a new report has concluded. Even when accounting for vaccine-related deaths and other factors, physicians kill more people every year than both cancer and heart disease, which are the other leading causes of death we constantly hear about in the corporate media.

There are already plenty of “awareness” campaigns for cancer and heart disease, but what about Western medicine? Is it time for We the People to start wearing little colored bracelets and staging marches and special celebratory days to let the public know about the killing fields known as the American health care system?

Volcanoes Erupting on Four Continents

Host Derek Gilbert: Volcanoes in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America are erupting. Besides Etna on the island of Sicily, lava is flowing in Congo and Indonesia, and Mexican officials have raised the alert level for Popocatepetl, just 45 miles from Mexico City.

5) FBI again refuses to hand over subpoenaed document to House Republicans;

4) Whistleblowers at UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission say its director is being pressured to quit because she defended the rights of women;

3) Christian teacher in UK barred from teaching for “misgendering” student;

2) Volcanoes rumbling, erupting around the world;

1) ake AI-created image caused stock markets to crash briefly Monday.

Wretched Watchmen
Synopsis: David Crowder, Danny Gokey, Louie Giglio & the Pope... A recipe for Mystery religion...

A clip taken from Episode 105: The Watchtower 5/20/23

A Minute To Midnite
Deceptive Alien Disclosure, Free Energy, EMP Threats and More!

Synopsis: Tony is joined by Stan Deyo who covers a range of interesting, important topics and currently very relevant topics.

The Ben Armstrong Show
Lawless FBI Used FISA Courts 278,000 Times To Spy On Americans

Synopsis: The Deep State is laughing at Americans. But, they don't laugh at conservatives, they hate us.

The Common Sense Show
Why Should You Be Concerned About The Missing Amonium Nitrate!

Dr. Steve Turley
Here’s The Truth About Ron Desantis’ Presidential Bid!!!

Stew Peters Network
Doctor Poisoned For Exposing Covid Lies, Marxist Michelle Obama To Run For President?

Some Of The Highlights:
Are Democrats looking to dump Joe Biden?
Author and documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert is here to talk about Michelle Obama running for president in 2024.;
The Arizona legislature is reclaiming their constitutional authority to regulate elections.;
Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is here to give an update on the fight against voter fraud.;
Many people believe Dr. Buttar may have been poisoned.... And more!

Making A Killing Documentary
Unmasking The Truth Behind Deadly Hospital Protocols

Synopsis: This film follows Patty Myers as she fights for change within the hospital industry. She shares how her late husband, Tony Myers, was poorly treated due to lack-of-care, malpractice and restrictive (and ultimately deadly) hospital protocols. She also chats with senators and other individuals who have seen similar situations occur across the country. Join her on this journey as she not only fights for her husband, but also for patients to be in control of their healthcare journey. Enough is enough. It's time to speak up. It's time to take a stand. It's time for change.

Off Grid With Doug & Stacy
Don’t Listen To Your Friends,
It’s Happening Now!
Chemtrails Are NOT Contrails!

Jim Crenshaw on BitChute
Many Cannot See Lucifer’s Deception That Is Right In Front Of Them

Synopsis: Many participate in the deception. They even have fooled themselves in to believing in it and and the so called "good" it does. Just like the drawing of the upside down cross. The more holy than you and the do gooders of the world...

Willing to break commandments and laws for the result they want. Not thinking about the sin involved or the harm they are causing with the collateral damage of their so called "good" deeds. The ends justify the means is not a Christian ideology. But I see this often and especially among those most holy.

The actions of the "order takers" who quickly abandon Christ in their doing of the right thing or the good thing are those most deceived. They tend to be by far the most blind and ignorant. They are in many ways the most dangerous.

The Planned Destruction of America
Welch Quote
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.