Monday, May 8, 2023

Perilous Times Are Here! May 8, 2023

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Natural News
Migrants From Around The World Are Flying To America’s Southern Border To Enter Illegally After Title 42 Expires

By Ethan Huff: In anticipation of fake president Joe Biden’s axing of Title 42, hordes of foreign nationals from all around the world are flying to America’s southern border so they can rush into the country illegally after its anticipated May 11 expiration. One of the few remaining border controls still in place, Title 42 is a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic”-era provision invoked by President Donald Trump to ensure that federal immigration officials had the ability to quickly return millions of illegal aliens back into Mexico after being caught in the United States.

Biden is scheduled to put an end to Title 42 on May 11, and instead create a new catch-and-release pipeline scheme to do the exact opposite of Title 42. In essence, the Biden regime wants to make it as easy as possible for illegals to enter the country illicitly and embed themselves into American communities.

Now The End Begins
Who Was The Mysterious ‘Grim Reaper’ Spotted During The Coronation Ceremony Of
King Charles III, And Is There A Mystical Pagan Connection? Yep.

The coronation of King Charles III in London last Saturday drew worldwide attention, with millions staying glued in front of the TV screen during the hours-long ceremonies, when the ‘Grim Reaper’ suddenly appeared

You knew that the coronation of King Charles III was not going to happen without multiple evidences of his New Age and pagan leanings, and when all was said and done, that’s exactly what happened. The most shocking thing that has people talking was the sudden appearance of the ‘Grim Reaper’ walking hurriedly across the entrance to Westminster Abbey as the coronation ceremony was underway. So who was it, why were he or she there, and what does it mean?

“These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.” Revelation 17:14 (KJV)

Let me just say, here at the outset of the reign of King Charles III, that we are expecting big things from him, big things in relation to the rapidly-escalating end times we find ourselves in right now. King Charles III is able to trace his ancestry directly back to Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Dracula, and is a fan and follower of many things pagan and New Age. Not only that, he is 100% in favor of giving trillions of dollars to a military movement of Climate Change, all led by unnamed individual the Bible refers to as Antichrist. Yes sir, the reign of King Charles III, short-lived though it may be, is filled to the brim with prophetic potential.

Harbingers Daily
Accepted Without Being Tested:
In Our Society, False Beliefs And Teachings Are Creeping In Everywhere

By Will Graham: In our society today, false beliefs and teachings are often accepted without ever being tested. People believe that social media memes and TV talking heads are the source of truth. They latch on to rumors, myths and hearsay like it’s the final word. Sadly, heresy (non-biblical or anti-biblical teaching) is even creeping up in our churches.

While we’re seeing this a lot in our modern world, it is not a new phenomenon. Even in the first century, false teachers were making their way into churches, and people were buying the lies they were selling. Nearing the end of his life (likely in prison and soon to be executed by the Romans), the Apostle Peter had become very concerned about the heresy that was creeping into the churches in Asia Minor. False teaching had actively led followers of Christ away and was causing dissension.

Prophecy News Watch
Islam Grows As The West Sleeps:
More Practicing Muslims
Than Catholics In France

By PNW Staff: For the first time in modern history, there are more practicing Muslims in France than practicing Catholics. This unprecedented civilizational change has been like a frog slowly boiling in hot water as most of the West has been both ignorant and apathetic, yet has profound significance for all of Europe. The report from Insee, the French National Institute of Statistics, reports that between the ages of 18 and 59, one and a half million Catholics pray and 800,000 go to church while two million Muslims pray and 726,000 go to church on a regular basis.

Although the Catholic religion remains the largest declared religion--29% for French people--this figure is constantly falling. The Muslim religion, which is the second largest, has been on the rise for decades and now accounts for 10% of the total population (in most big cities it's 20 to 30 percent).

Frontpage Mag
Is There an Illegal Alien Mass Shooting Crisis? Maybe We Ought To Build A Wall?

By Daniel Greenfield: When law enforcement and the media drag their feet on releasing a killer’s name, you know that he’s probably either Muslim, transgender or a member of some politically inconvenient minority group. That once again proved true today as the media obsessively focused on exactly what type of gun was used, what sort of car, and interviews with witnesses about the shock and horror they felt while telling us nothing about the perp.

The Dallas mall shooter turned out to be Mauricio Garcia whose family doesn’t speak English. The driver who ran over people outside a shelter in Brownsville, Texas is Hispanic with apparent gang tattoos. The media doesn’t give up. No amount of evidence can ever contradict a firm narrative.

Geller Report
Biden Regime Still Largest Donor To Afghanistan As Taliban Persecutes Christians

By Robert Spencer: A new inspector general’s report released Tuesday gives us the latest evidence of the perfidy and anti-Americanism of the Biden regime: even after the Taliban took over in that country in the wake of the regime’s catastrophically botched withdrawal of American troops, the American taxpayer remains the world’s largest donor to Afghanistan. This is beyond absurd, as the Taliban, which is inveterately hostile to the U.S., is inevitably going to obtain some or all of that money, and could conceivably used it to finance attacks on Americans and U.S. interests. Is that what the traitor class that is running the Biden regime wants?

Life News
Republican Who Killed Abortion Ban Doesn’t Care What Pro-Life People Say: “I Don’t Answer to Them”

By Steven Ertelt: The Nebraska Republican legislator who killed a bill to ban abortions at 6 weeks so unborn babies will be protected doesn’t care hat pro-life people have to say about his action. “I don’t answer to them,” Nebraska State Senator Merv Riepe said of the pro-life Republicans throughout the Cornhusker state who are upset he co-sponsored the ban and then sold out women and unborn children by abstaining from voting for it.

Riepe’s actions killed the bill and will result in thousands of babies being killed in abortions until the legislature can try again next year.

The Gateway Pundit
Governor Abbott Deploys “Texas Tactical Border Force” In Wake Of Title 42’s End

By Brock Simmons: We’ve all seen the phony virtue signaling from President Biden, as he claims he’s sending troops to the border to protect from illegal aliens. Texas Governor Greg Abbott doesn’t believe it for one second, so he’s activated a part of the Texas National Guard called the Texas Tactical Border Force to “intercept & repel migrants trying to enter Texas illegally.”

The 1,500 troops are assembling on the border, along with hardware including Hummers, C-130’s, and Black Hawk helicopters.

World Net Daily
Trump To Be Jailed Before Trial? Investigative Reporter Says Yes! – They’re Just Chomping At The Bit Right Now

By Bob Unruh: A veteran reporter who has made herself an expert on the prosecutions of people who protested at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, is predicting Democrats will orchestrate an indictment of President Donald Trump for events that day.

And they will demand he be jailed pending trial.

All News Pipeline
Modern America Culture Is Manufacturing Psychopaths By Force Feeding Our Children
The Trans Agenda

Which Has Declared Open Season On
Christians, White Males And REAL Women

By Rob Pue of Wisconsin Christian News: The horrific murders that took place in late March at a Christian school in Nashville has led to many investigations — as to the motive, the means and the way the killings were carried out. Audrey Hale, age 28, “identified” as a transgender male, going by the name of “Aiden.” Hale apparently planned the carnage for some time, leaving behind a “manifesto” which justice officials have refused to release, in order to protect the “trans” agenda. During her planning, she also created detailed maps of the Covenant School and church building, with multiple possible entry points and it appears the victims were killed at random. The “target” of the attacks were the church — and the school itself — which she had attended as a child.

When Hale “came out” as being a homosexual, her Christian parents refused to accept that. But her parents were apparently in the dark about many things related to their daughter, even though she still lived with her parents at age 28. They were not aware that their daughter identified as “transgender.” They believed she once owned one gun, but that she had sold it. In reality, she owned seven guns, three of which she used during the attack, and she trained regularly at a local gun range. Her mother said she left home that day with a red bag, but had no idea that guns were inside or what she was planning. But Hale shared her plans on social media in advance, stating that “something very bad” was going to happen that day. She had also been posting about suffering from severe depression in the weeks leading up to the attack, and she was being treated for an undisclosed “emotional disorder.”

The David Knight Show
Trump’s Ventilators Killed More Than Covid

Synopsis: Northwestern University study shows BACTERIAL INFECTION, NOT CYTOKINE STORM, killed most people — and VENTILATORS were major cause. Financially incentivized malpractice — or murder.

Death in Texas

Host Derek Gilbert: Two separate incidents left more than a dozen people dead in Texas Saturday. Sadly, it took no time at all for both tragedies to become political footballs on social media.

5) Rift between U.S. and Türkiye continues;

4) Car attack and mass shooting leave at least 15 dead in Texas;

3) Texas moving toward launch of gold-backed digital currency;

2) Mainstreaming of AI leading to “virtual immortality”;

1) Researchers find massive metallic anomaly under surface of the moon..

Wil Paranormal
Doctor Speaks Out - This Is What The Vaxx Does To Your Body

Synopsis: This is an older video but many need to be reminded. For those who have yet to believe, perhaps this doctor will better explain it to you.

The Ben Armstrong Show
The Nazis Were Socialists!
Your School Tricked You!

Synopsis: A red pill video for anyone who believes the NAZIS were on the right.

The Common Sense Show
Migrants Crossing Border In Huge Numbers!
Not Waiting For Title 42 Expiration

Dr. Steve Turley
Huge Supreme Court Victory
For Kari Lake!!!

Stew Peters Network
Border Invasion: Orchestrated Plan To Destabilize America

Just A Dude
Uninformed Consent

Synopsis: A blockbuster documentary that lays out the COVID lie like none other that I’ve seen. Uninformed Consent tells the story of how friends, neighbors, employers, and family have been turned against each other due to government policies demonizing individuals for their medical choices.

An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who's controlling it, and how it's being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights while weaving in the impact of mandates in a deeply powerful story of one man's tragic loss.

Hear the truth from doctors and scientists not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma and the elite class who profit from mandates.

Written & Directed by Todd Harris, Matador Films.

Share this film - Our future depends on it!

Off Grid With Doug & Stacy
Don’t Listen To Your Friends,
It’s Happening Now!
Chemtrails Are NOT Contrails!

Jim Crenshaw on BitChute
Doctor Explains How Babies Are Murdered During Abortions -
Everything Comes At A Cost

Synopsis: Yes it’s murder. Their body, someone else’s choice. Just like with the whole covid fraud. Someone else making decisions on who lives and who dies.

The Planned Destruction of America
Welch Quote
1958: Elitist Insiders’ Strategy For Undermining U.S. Sovereignty

Synopsis: In 1974, American businessman, political activist, author and founder of the John Birch Society, Robert W. Welch, Jr. gave a speech reiterating his 1958 outlining of the elites’ long range 10-point plan for systemically disassembling U.S. sovereignty.